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I help companies develop conversion optimized websites and digital marketing that generate leads.

✓ One dedicated specialist
✓ Increase brand preference and loyalty
✓ Generating leads (potential customers)
✓ Organic & Paid digital marketing solutions

✓ +2,000 successful projects delivered
✓ One stop marketing solutions
✓ Adding value to the brand.
✓ Professional photography services

You want traction, interaction, and attention? Make your digital experience everything you never thought possible.

At DigitalAnanth, all fine concepts are thrown in the trash. I speak a language you understand and my focus is on creating value.

At DigitalAnanth, you do not need to know anything about website & online marketing to get help with it. I have thrown all the fine concepts in the bin, and instead I focus on making it easy for you.

This means, among other things, that you get one affiliated specialist who gets to know both you and your business really well. You also get an easy and clear report every month, so that you can keep your hands on the effort without having to keep an eye on yourself continuously or be proactive. I should probably be for you.

When you choose me to do your website and marketing project, I have one goal in mind, and that is to create value for you. I am specialised in both Google, social media, content and layout, and you can therefore gather all your website development & online marketing under one roof with me.

What do you get out of choosing me?

At DigitalAnanth, you have an expert advisor and specialist. He will get to know both you and your business incredibly well, and he would like to take responsibility in all kinds of decisions so you land on the best result.

Make time for your core business and what you are best at, and leave the marketing to me. I am an expert in managing your marketing from A to Z, without you having to spend time on handling.

I have direct contact with, for example, Google and Facebook, and I are always up to date on the latest knowledge. Therefore, I can offer solutions that are at the forefront of development.

Have you ever heard that it’s hard to measure things, and hard to know what’s creating your sales?

You will not hear that from me. I set up tracking on everything, so i can keep an eye on what creates your sales.

I am in favor of full transparency, which is why i always send a statement with results from the previous month at the beginning of each month. In addition, i am also continuously available for dialogue about results.


Of Marketing Officers Sees Content Marketing As Future.
Of Organic Search Traffic Comes From Google.
Of Organization Claims, SEO Is The Most Efficient Technique.
of consumers think transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand.
64% of consumers around the world said that they would buy from a brand or boycott it solely because of its position on a social or political issue.

Present and sell your products & services in style

I even started out many years ago in a small office with no employees, and I therefore know about the journey that your company is also going on – or maybe is already underway.

That is why I also make sure to always be easily accessible and make my work understandable to you, so you know what your money is going for. I know very well that every penny has a meaning when you are a trader, and it is only in my interest that you make as much money as possible.

As DigitalAnanth, I am often involved in the marketing of a new or modified product or service. If I am involved in this at an early stage, I can use marketing and communication even better. Process, strategy, marketing and concept development, production, communication and launch of the new product or service.

I build differentiation by exceeding customer expectations.

At Digital Ananth, I like to call myself ‘general contractor’ for all kinds of design & innovation challenges. When it comes to helping my clients to develop a business idea into a market-ready solution, I am really a one-stop shop.

Helping new ventures start up and established ones start over.

I am always ready for a meeting with you, and i also introspect my work to ensure that i always create the greatest possible value for you.

Digital marriage

Therefore, you need to get professional help for website development & online marketing


A website or webshop is worth nothing if no one knows it. I can make sure that potential customers come to your site.


By using more media, I can create an effort that maintains the interest of your visitors. It helps increase your returns.

Time Saving

You can spend time on what you are best at, thus expanding your business while I create online growth for you.

360D Marketing

By bringing all marketing under one roof with me, you get access to a wide range of specialities within one who can collaborate across platforms.

Tracking & Measurement

All tracking is set up correctly so I can measure on all visitors. This way I know what creates your sales – and what needs to be adjusted.


Everything can be analyzed and optimized down to the smallest detail – and you get a clear report so you can follow the development.

Tailor made solutions to put your product or service in the spotlight.

Depending on your product or service, some digital solutions will make more sense than others. I advise you on what to choose.

You want a website that rings the phone, takes care of quote requests or fills the shopping cart. Your complete online marketing strategy is the foundation for all online marketing activities.

What are your objectives and which target group do you want to serve? Where does this target group move and what does it appeal to? These questions not only determine the design and functionalities of your website, but also the online campaigns, social channels, content and advertisements that you can use. A good website ensures business success!

Everything is done based on your budget and your wishes. It is always possible to start in one place, and then scale up as the results start to come.

✓ First and foremost, I review your business and industry so I am well dressed.

✓ I take a thorough start-up interview, where i become wiser about your business and your wishes.

✓ Based on the start-up interview, I organize the course so that you have an overview of what to expect.

✓ I will start designing & developing the solutions as per your expectations and whats needed for your business to succeed.

✓ You will be updated with a comprehensive report focusing on the results.


The world is digital. And in this online world, websites are indispensable. (Potential) customers often start their search online. Do you want to achieve digital success? So let's make it a reality together. I am ready to be your savings partner. Give me a call so I can lay the foundations for the optimal strategy for your website development, eCommerce development, branding or online marketing.


The largest — almost all-encompassing — circle of the design diagram is that of Branding. At Branding, the character of a brand is thought out. Which then gives direction to, among other things, all design decisions in a project.

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Identity Design

Designing a visual identity is called Identity Design. A visual identity is in fact the visual character by which you recognize a company or organization. This consists of a combination of the logo, colors, shapes, fonts, etc.

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Corporate Identity Design

The term ‘house style’ is explained in several ways. A classic definition of the term refers to ‘the products to which a company’s visual identity is applied’. Think of business cards, stationery, folders, etc. For purely designing such a visual identity I use the term Identity Design.

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Usability Design

Usability is a discipline that deals with the user-friendliness of products. And in the case of my branch of sport, it focuses specifically on the user-friendliness of websites and apps. It mainly deals with whether a website or app is easy to understand and use.

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Interaction Design

Interaction design focuses on inventing and designing the interaction between a user and a product or service. Often this is a website or app. And this discipline focuses on how a user controls and influences them.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design focuses on designing visual communication that aims to achieve a certain effect on the viewer. It is a way of visually conveying ideas. This is the oldest concept and because the term is very broad, there is a lot of overlap with other designs.

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Website Design & Development

Many companies make the mistake of thinking: What do I want to say about my products? Instead of: What does my customer need to take a step in the purchase process?

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E-Commerce Website Development

In today’s society you can easily order everything online. An overview and an easy ordering process for customers are very important when developing a successful eCommerce website.

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Product Photography & Videography

High-end product photography gives special attention to a product. Shape, material, technique, use: all properties of the product are optimally displayed.

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SEO Services

Search engine optimization, also known by the abbreviation SEO, is the optimization of a website to improve its findability in search engines such as Google. Your website will rise in the organic (non-paid) search results of Google thanks to search engine optimization.

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Google Ads

Get highly relevant and ready-to-buy customers directly to your most important pages. It could, for example, be directly in to read about specific products. You pay per click, but if you pay enough and make the right ads, you get to the top of Google at a good price, compared to what you get in return.

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Local Marketing

The searches of users requesting a local service near their location are multiplying in recent years. I am a local SEO marketing expert who will help you position your business on Google by optimizing the Local SEO of your website and your Google Business Profile (Google My Business ) listing, since it will bring you a very high return on your business.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is many things. It can be product and category descriptions, educational content in the form of recipes and guides or the good story that stimulates emotions or sense.

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Social Media Management

About one third of consumers prefer to contact a brand or company via social media . So there are also opportunities here to be able to serve your customer directly. The only drawback is that relatively speaking it takes quite a lot of time and that not everyone is good at communicating online.

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Social Media Advertising

Do you dream of increasing awareness of your business? Or do you find that many people leave your site without contacting or making a purchase? Then Facebook and Instagram Ads may be just the solution you have been looking for.

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E-Commerce Marketing

An E-commerce marketer is an online marketer with a lot of extras. Extra knowledge and experience, extra sense of commerce, extra tools to work with, extra insights from data …. in short, E-commerce marketing is the Xtra variant of Online marketing.

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B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing provides more exposure of a company online and helps to increase brand awareness. It also creates more trust with customers by providing a platform where they can interact with customer service. The way you interact with and respond to customers on social media can also help to properly showcase your business online.

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Logo Design

When you design a logo, you are essentially designing the visual figurehead of a company. It is the point of recognition for companies and nothing is reflected in visual expressions as much as the logo. Logo design is an extremely important and defining sub-discipline of Identity Design.

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