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your product photos, just a little nicer:
Good product photos are an absolute must to sell your products. Sharpness, clarity, consistency and true colors are the most important success factors.

I am a product photographer in Bangalore, who photograph the most diverse products. I work best with SMEs who want a long-term solution.

With the one-stop shop principle, you can choose from four types of product photography . Packshots and 360 degree photography and product videography are my specialties. I photograph everything just a little better.

✓ Increases online sales
✓ Higher Engagement
✓ Enhanced product experience
✓ Explanation of your product(s)
✓ Rock your launch with a product video

✓ Make customers curious
✓ Use product video as a marketing tool
✓ Develop hype around your product launch
✓ Educate customers with video demos to show how it works
✓ Announce anywhere with easy distribution of your product videos.

Therefore, you need one



1. Technically perfect photos
DigitalAnanth has professional photo equipment and a professionally furnished setup. An ultra-sharp eye for detail and the special talent for perfectly capturing the most complicated objects and materials offer you the perfect photo.

2. Unlimited creativity
DigitalAnanth looks beyond the simple picture. With his unprecedented imagination, the photographer immediately sees the potential of your product. He knows how to convey exactly the right feeling every time. A feeling that will touch your customers (target group).

3. Relaxed & driven
DigitalAnanth is just as passionate as you. The photographer is constantly looking for the best way to get your product in the picture. Clients also appreciate him for his empathy and meticulous way of working. You know what’s in him!

DigitalAnanth takes creative & technically perfect photos of products and fashion. The more complicated the subject and material, the more fun it becomes for DigitalAnanth. Because of his background in photography & videography, he manages to touch the essence of the photographed object.

Are you looking for examples of product photography? I photograph the most diverse products. Reach out to me for more clarification.

Digital marriage


of online buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale.
of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.
of online shoppers want photographs to bring products to life.
of Returns Occur Because the Product Looks Different in Person.
60% of consumers say they're more likely to consider or contact a business that has an image show up in local search results.


It has been proven that beautiful product photos ensure higher conversion. Your product photographer has had experience with product photography for catalogue and e-commerce since 2010. You are welcome with me for all types of products, from jewelry photography to fashion product photography and from eyewear photography to watch photography . In addition to product photography I also shoot 360° videos of products for social media promotion and for e-commerce. Photographing a large amount of products? I already use a volume discount from 50 photos! Do you have any questions or remarks? Please feel free to contact me!

Jewelry Photography
Your Product Photographer has experience with photographing jewelry, which is perhaps my best customer group in percentage terms. In jewelry photography there are many ways to take care of the styling. Although I am happy to advise you, your own wishes are leading. I therefore recommend that you view the various sample photos and make a choice from them. Of course I can also photograph in a completely different way, please supply some photos that can serve as an example. Bottom line is; I can deliver it however you want it.

Studio Photography
Smaller numbers can be sent to me, including a good briefing. Thanks to my effective working method , I am able to deliver product photos within 72 hours. after which I will deliver the photos to you via WeTransfer within 72 hours. If you would like to be present at the shoot, I will make sure the coffee is ready.

At your location
Do you need a lot of product photos? From bulk e-commerce products, valuable jewelery or very large products? Then I come to you with 2 people and we build a studio at your location. If you are asked to make good preparations and to assist during the shoot, I can take as many photos as possible in one day.

Digital Finishing
Photographing products is one thing, but a product photo is only good after the correct post-processing: freestanding, square & full screen, centered and aligned consistently. You indicate which file type you want and whether there are any additional requirements. Of course everything is possible. Think of: retouching metal, inserting text and logo, getting rid of dust, straightening wrinkles, recoloring products, combining products, mounting displays / lights.

Clear rules
It is nice if you do preliminary research online about what you think are beautiful photos, then you can tell us exactly what you expect from me. I ask you to provide us with a detailed briefing, possibly supported with examples.

The positioning of articles and the method of post-processing must be clear in advance, although you can also choose to stay with it while shooting. By going through everything in advance, shooting is faster and more efficient and I can continue to offer low prices.

Do you have any questions or remarks? Please feel free to contact me!


Taking a product photo is not just shooting a picture. I photograph everything just a little better to increase your online revenue.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis


During a ‘Magic Meet’ with me, all your ideas and wishes regarding your product shoot will be discussed. I ask effective questions during this personal session, so that I have a clear idea of ​​what you want to communicate with your product photo or video. In this way I gain inspiration together and advise you on various options.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution


After refining the discussion, I’ll send the quote to you for approval. Do you agree? Then I can schedule the shooting day! I arrive at the desired location or at my studio. There I shoot all the necessary photos or footage for your unique product based on the pre-designed shot list and guidelines.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization


Next step: carefully choosing the right mood for your product photo / video. In this phase I give the images a customer centric-like atmosphere by means of various professional applications. For videos it gets to work adding appropriate sound effects, voice-over and music. In this way I complete your product photo / Video.

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting


Your product video is finished! However, you are not finished yet… It is at least as important – in addition to making your product video – that you also distribute it effectively. By means of video marketing , I ensure that your product video is brought to the attention of your intended target group on the right channels.

Catalogue Photography for e-Commerce

Increase the conversion of your website or e-Commerce with product photography. As a company, you most likely have a website, a website where customers and potential customers can get more information about the company, its products and services and the reasons why they should remain or become a customer of your company.

A good website ensures that you regularly receive new requests via the website. Of course, this applies even more strongly to a e-commerce. The company’s sales are completely dependent on the e-commerce.

In both cases, the conversion is very important. For the readers who have never heard the term ‘conversion’. This is the percentage of website visitors who contact you or purchase a product through the website. The higher the conversion percentage, the more requests (or sales) you get on your website. Of course if the number of visitors remains the same.

This is why conversion for a website is very important. Product photography is a very important part of this. But how can you ensure that you increase the conversion of your website by taking good product photos?

Increase the ‘shopping experience’
A physical store has a major advantage over a website. You can lead a customer through the entire store and in this way create a personal click with someone.

Potential customers can also touch, feel and in some cases even try out the products you sell. This phenomenon is called the ‘shopping experience’. Touching, feeling and trying it out is of course not possible on a website, but it is still important to make the shopping experience as good as possible.

This can be done through good product photography , here are my 7 important tips:

Tip 1: Shoot from multiple angles:
Take photos of the product from multiple angles. Photographing the product properly from multiple angles gives a good picture of the product. This gives the website visitor the idea that they can almost touch the product. They will then be more inclined to purchase the product or request more information.

Tip 2: Use 360 ​​degree videos:
The possibilities of websites are almost endless these days. As a result, you see more and more that 360-degree videos are used. In this case, you basically hold the product, allowing you to tilt, turn and view the product upside down. This also gives you an increased ‘shopping experience’.

Tip 3: Show details of the product:
Research on product photography has shown that 61% of people who sometimes buy products online have a need to see the details of the product. So add a zoom option if possible. This allows website visitors to see exactly the details of a product and they are more likely to purchase a product or contact them. This increases the conversion!

Tip 4: Provide a calm background:
A calm background ensures that the website visitor is not distracted and can fully concentrate on the product. Which is nice, because as a store owner you naturally want the customer to have an eye for the product that you sell.

Tip 5: Pay attention to the colors of the product:
It still often happens that products are returned because the product on the website looks different than on the product on the website. This is often due to an impure or wrong color of the lighting. Also make sure this is good.

Tip 6: Use a photo studio for the product photos:
A photo studio makes the life of a product photographer very easy. With a good photo studio it is possible to take photos in which it is possible to zoom in on a product, create 360 ​​degree videos and ensure that you work with a calm background.

Tip 7: Ensure uniformity in the product photos:
Make sure that the product photos are all taken from the same angle, have the same background and have the same options when it comes to zooming in etc. This ensures that the website or e-Commerce has a uniform appearance to the outside. With a photo studio, as mentioned in tip 6, this is extra easy to achieve.

And the uniformity also gives a website and e-commerce an even better appearance. A better appearance that also benefits conversion.


Since my specialization in product photography in 2010, I have taken hundreds of thousands of product photos in my product photography studio. I have made a selection of few pieces and you can view them in my portfolio. Purely for inspiration.

Product photography is all about sharp, true-to-color, consistently positioned and edited product photos. It has to be good, fast and not too expensive.

If you think I should add a special twist to the product photography of your products, provide a clear briefing and where possible show me a sample photo of the desired product photography. Let’s Talk.


Product videos for e-commerce & Social

Product video
A product video is a unique and powerful tool. Video communicates product features more effectively and works better than just photos and text. That is why DigitalAnanth is eager to get started for you. He will be happy to help you develop product videos to effectively build your brand and improve product conversion rates. As one of the best online marketing tools, a product video is a great option for promoting your products. Moving image is what attracts attention, our videos of your products is what keeps this attention! The high quality of our video ensures that your customer sees exactly what they can expect. The uniform style that I create for your product range ensures a consistent whole on your website or media channel. Which ensures a professional and strong appearance.

Video but simple.
Video is quite intimidating. After all, there is quite a lot to consider. Although I quite regularly get the question ‘What does a video cost?’ I really can’t help but answer ‘That depends on a lot of things.’ It is simply quite a hassle and that makes video quite unattractive.

Product Video Specialist
What sets me apart.
You will often see it being said about video as a medium that it is difficult to measure the effect of a video. That is true. Many parties, including myself, will often talk about “lasting impression” and “making a strong impression” as an argument for using video. These are indeed things that are very difficult to measure.

However, there are considerably more aspects to video, including more than enough that are very measurable. For example, I will not only ensure that you get the cool video you want, but I will also automatically think along with you about how you can use that video meaningfully and generate continuous views with it.

Just like in photography, light is the most important thing for video, in a range of products it is very important to maintain this consistency between the videos, but also to create an equal image between still and moving videos.

Video for Social Media
Reels are the new crowd pullers and ensure high valuation of your account online. I ensures that the created videos are delivered in the correct format so that they can be used directly in the campaign on your channel, in high quality and with the right extension.

Free Trial Shoot
Not sure what you’re looking for? Visit me and see how I work directly with your product(s). My Studio is location in Bangalore.

See for yourself?
Curious about how I do this exactly? Call Max directly for an appointment and I’ll show you how much better it can be if we take it off your hands!

Product Photography FAQ'S

Rank higher in search engines
More sales
Fewer returns
More distinction from competitors
Customers decide faster
More positive reviews
Better web and product experience

Your photos are your business card. If you have a good product with poor quality photos, few customers will be tempted to buy your product. The visitor to your website does not get a clear picture of what he is buying. Bad photographs can also damage your company’s image and visitors may lose confidence in your website. Especially with online shops, it is important that the product photographs are of high quality.

Images often say more than words. If your product photography is done well, it could mean the difference between a customer changing their mind at the last minute and a customer that places an order. Your own photos are also unique content, indispensable to be found well by your target group!

You can do this by bringing the product or products yourself or having them delivered by a parcel deliverer. Talk to me about the do’s and don’ts when sending products.

Yes, that’s possible! I register the arrangement of the best light and camera for the product. I then load this when photographing a new series of products.

In addition, all equipment I work with is calibrated. I ensure to get real colors in product photography .

Yes, you can, but you don’t have to. I will charge any packaging and shipping costs at cost. If you no longer want to return the products, that is of course also possible.

My cameras lenses and monitors are calibrated. The images you receive from us are therefore ‘colour-real’. Your customer’s screen is rarely calibrated. That’s why colors can look slightly different on everyone.

Yes, that’s possible! The products must then be delivered labeled.

Yes, that’s possible. For the invisible man operation, however, it must be done beforehand.

Yes that is allowed. But hardly anyone chooses that.

Yes that is allowed ! I then work on the basis of an hourly rate and amount per photo.

Yes, that’s possible!

The costs also depend on the style you choose. For an indication of the costs based on the chosen style and other wishes regarding your product video, you can contact me without obligation . You will receive a customized price from me within 24 hours!

A product video is a video in which you highlight your product or service in all kinds of different ways. You can do this in the form of a how-to as a kind of manual for your product or in the form of a cool commercial in which you show unique features. A product video is a perfect way to give more specific information to your target group about what you offer and to convince people to buy it.

Companies that highlight their products in videos sell the same products faster than when they use other promotional tools. No less than 73% of online consumers actually buy the product after seeing the product video. In addition, product videos simplify the decision-making process of online shoppers, because they are seen as relevant sources of information.

A product film can of course consist of anything and highlight different sides of your product. Below you will find some cool ideas for inspiration:
Introducing a new product
A product demo
Customer testimonials
Need more inspiration? Ask me without obligation!

In addition to being good for your sales and your online marketing, a product film also has a beneficial effect on your target group and the understanding of your product. Here are some important advantages of a product video:
You remove ambiguity about the operation of your product
People see the usefulness of your product
People discover unique features that simplify use

Depending on the package you choose, the number of production days will vary.

No problem! I can speed up our production process for you, provided you are also flexible in planning for the feedback.



DigitalAnanth’s service delivers significant savings compared to market rates for product photography.


Editing is included in the price. I use the latest techniques to enhance your photos at no extra cost.


No minimum order, no hidden costs and no minimum spend. Get your photography & videography customised.


I use high-quality equipment and apply color calibration throughout the entire process. This ensures excellent quality of your images.


Website design and development services from Digital Ananth. More than 20 years of experience developing websites and photographing products for e-commerce websites.

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