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What exactly is a house style?.

The word ‘house style’ is described in various ways. There is a difference between the Dutch and the English term and even between companies there are different views on what a house style is and what it includes. As with Graphic Design versus Visual Design , it can be difficult to distinguish between these terms and on this page I try to explain as clearly as possible what I understand by a house style and how I see design as a service.

House style, visual identity and ‘corporate identity’ are used interchangeably here and there in English. And even on wikipedia there isn’t a fixed, unambiguous definition that everyone seems to agree on. When you translate ‘corporate identity’ you get the word ‘company identity’, but abroad this also includes matters such as the communication and behavior of the employees of a company and this is much broader than the english definition. The word ‘visual identity’ is also used here and there, but personally I see it as a separate and separate part in the total design process that comes before the house style. This is because a visual identity is actually purely an identity, and it does not officially include any actual products.

My definition of a corporate identity

Personally, I see a ‘house style’ as the means of communication (such as your business card, your stationery, company clothing, presentations, etc.) to which your visual identity is applied. And in fact I count all visual expressions of a company under the corporate identity, except for the website and the product or service of the company itself. This definition allows me to place all products resulting from a design project under their own department. Corporate identity Design as a service therefore comes after the design of the visual identity. As soon as you have your logo ready and the visual character of your company during the identity design phase(such as fonts, color combinations, patterns, photo edits, etc.) you can quickly and specifically apply these to the aforementioned house style products.

Get your experienced corporate identity designer

What the beginner does not have, the experienced designer does. The experienced designer listens and keeps asking questions. Sometimes a client wants a certain corporate identity component, but after asking the designer, other questions arise. An experienced designer can therefore better involve his client in the process. With an experienced designer you get to the core more efficiently and faster to a well thought-out end result. You also pay for this knowledge and expertise. Another important aspect is, for example, the network that an experienced designer has built up. He or she can always advise you if you are looking for a good copywriter.

Creating a corporate identity design is a party!

Digital Ananth knows better than anyone that quality lies in the details. In subtle references, those recurring shapes or that one layer of spot paint on your business card. Developing a corporate identity is a joy for a designer. Why? It is a fantastic challenge to design individual products that form a unit – your graphic image -, but also stand alone as a house. The basis of a house style consists of: a logo, letterhead, envelopes, with compliment cards and of course business cards. But a house style can contain much more. A complete corporate identity development also includes, for example, facade advertising, promotional gifts, signs, banners, etc.

What is the purpose of corporate identity design?

Know the purpose of corporate identity

With corporate identity design as a service, I see it as my task to implement the visual identity of a company on products, in an original, creative and professional way.
One of the aims of this is that the company becomes recognizable because the previously determined style and appearance is reflected everywhere. In addition, it is very neat and professional if a company takes the trouble to take care of all visual expressions of the company neatly (and consistently) down to the last detail. This distinguishes the ‘brands’ from the ‘enterprises’ and makes a visual statement to the world. You show that you value your customer and your customers often translate this to other parts of the company (“If this is taken care of so neatly, … will also be well put together.”). In this way, your house style is a means to tell your story, to stand out, to distinguish yourself, to make yourself recognizable ‘from a distance’ and to show your principles.

Sometimes a corporate identity product is the first impression you make, and as you know you only make that impression once. When seeing a business card, folder or presentation, a person often draws 10 conclusions (unconsciously) before he or she has read a letter, purely based on how it looks. And so you can compare it a bit with ‘looking good’ during a job application. Even before you have said a word, a positive or negative image has already arisen in the people you have in front of you.

What is also very nice about a house style is that it ‘sells’ both the means of communication and its message, as well as the company itself. In many cases, the company name and design (and the feeling that the ‘recipient’ had about it) lingers longer than the exact message of such a product. folder or presentation a person often draws 10 conclusions (unconsciously) before he or she has read a letter, purely on the basis of how it looks. And so you can compare it a bit with ‘looking good’ during a job application. Even before you have said a word, a positive or negative image has already arisen in the people you have in front of you.

Digital marriage


of corporate marketers said brand awareness is their top goal.
of businesses have a corporate brand program in place for measuring brand perceptions.
of B2B marketing leaders say corporate identity is critical to growth.
of brand recognition is increased by the color they use in corporate identity.
65% of B2B buyers report that the winning vendor's identity had a "significant impact" on their buying decision.

How does corporate identity design process work?

Corporate Identity Design stages.

As mentioned, I see the visual identity that is designed during the Identity Design process separately from the house style and it is important that this visual identity is ready before starting to design the house style products. If that is the case, you can make a flying start with the house style products because the ‘visual language’ has already been determined. This saves time and creates a lot of clarity. This is actually the most convenient approach to properly present the design of a company.

Actually, the best practice is to have the branding (inventing the character and story of your company) ready as the first step.

As a second step, it is wise to translate this brand identity into a visual identity and to describe it in a so-called identity book.

Corporate identity design could be the third step, although web design can also be found here. These two are actually interchangeable and there are even quite a few cases where I design the corporate identity products and the website at the same time.

At the end of the ride there is a clear picture of who your company is (see it as a kind of personal description), how your company visually shows itself to the world (think of it as the description of the outfit and style of this person) and these two factors can be applied together to, for example, a website or your corporate identity products.

What does a house style cost?

A corporate identity is an important investment for your organization. As with other important investments, it is wise to research approximately what it costs and which providers are available. Contact me for a no obligation quote.

Designing corporate identity?

Designing a corporate identity is an important part for (starting) companies. The presentation of a company starts with a professional house style. With a corporate identity, SMEs and freelancers, among others, ensure a professional and unambiguous image of their company

You only make a first impression once and that’s how it works with a house style. As a company, you naturally want to make a good first impression. It is therefore of great importance to have a catchy house style made that suits your company. When you have a corporate identity designed, you create the visual identity of your company. In many cases, the corporate identity is also the first thing people see. That is what makes designing a corporate identity so important.

Don’t forget: there’s something to it
A corporate identity is not just putting together a logo and choosing some colours. There is much more behind it. A good house style fits in seamlessly with the DNA of an organization. This also involves a bit of preliminary research and orientation. A creative process of sketches and concepts precedes, before a house style can be developed. These steps are necessary to ultimately arrive at a Taylor-made house style, with which an organization can distinguish itself.

With a good corporate identity, you get different versions of the deliverables. This is not always necessary, but it is useful. When I design a corporate identity, I create more than just a logo and corporate identity carriers. When I design a logo, I make different versions if necessary. Think of versions in: black, white, CMYK, PMS and RGB.

I design most logos in such a way that the logo can be used separately as a social media avatar or thumbnail. For the stationery I make a version for digital use and a version for printed matter. I make my designs in such a way that the client can also work with them. So there is more behind a house style than what you see in the end.


More recognition, trust and turnover with a new corporate identity.

Do you want to have a house style made? And are you looking for a designer who really actively thinks along with you, thinks things through and lets you be an active part of the process? Then an experienced designer is a good choice.

I am curious about your challenge! I am happy to provide you with advice. Tell me more about your company or self here below – I will gladly make a first no-obligation brand scan.


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