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Social media is mainly used to generate reach and to be seen. In this way you reach more potential buyers of your product or service.

✓ Content plans and go-to-platform tactics
✓ One firmly affiliated Social media specialist
✓ Transparent in method and costs
✓ Experienced social media expert, so total unburdening.

✓ Strategic frameworks for social
✓ Customer support in social
✓ Higher engagement on social platforms
✓ Increase in leads and sales

Therefore, you need one

Reinforce the expert image of your company

Many organizations use social media marketing because they think it should. There is often no strategy behind which determines what the most important channels are, what the purpose of the channel is and what the end result should be.

The best solution to a social media problem is to have a plan. A plan in which you as a company or brand focus on the right channels and target group.

Social media is therefore used to be seen. What can help with this are good visuals, catchy images and last but not least;

This combined with a clear plan ensures a clear goal for your social media marketing.

✓ Increase your website traffic.

✓ Improve your position in Google

✓ Increase your popularity on the internet.

✓ Find more customers.

✓ Sales will grow.

✓ Build lasting relationships with your customers.


Of US Facebook users found something to buy there
YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world
Of referral traffic to retail websites comes from Pinterest
Of marketers have found that their social marketing efforts increase their visibility

Your go-to social media partner

I advise and help my customers put in place a digital strategy that supports the business goal. I also stand for community management on social media and produce creative content that creates engagement across platforms.

Based on a digital strategy, I tie the entire communication effort together in one digital user journey, which ensures that the various digital efforts play together and support each other. In this way, my customers get a greater overall return on the individual investments.

In order to provide my customers with better service – and insights they can take on – I work with digital dashboards that provide full transparency in my work on the digital platforms. It makes the digital strategy a dynamic collaboration more than just one isolated delivery.

Among other things, I can assist in:
Strategy development
Development of editorial plans
Community management

Digital marriage

Social media specialist who creates value for your business on social

Many organizations use social media marketing because they think it should. There is often no strategy behind which determines what the most important channels are, what the purpose of the channel is and what the end result should be.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Initial Audit

Before our initial dialogue, I’d have done a social media scan of the profile in terms of content, communication, positioning. If you don’t have a profile. After our interview, I’ll make a complete plan based on insights i have gained from the interview.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Execution

For each plan or pack, I will make a personalized & unique design (differential) for your Social Networks. This will be a key aspect for your profile. Remember that depending on the chosen plan, it will be a more or less complex Feed or Stories.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

3. Optimization

In an organic social network management strategy, that is, without advertising, the important thing is to improve indicators such as the reach of your publications, the interaction ratio or the impact of the publications. I promise to improve your current stats!

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

4. Reporting

You will be able to see in advance the publications that will be made in your profiles & can small modifications. This programming will be in line with the optimized strategy to achieve the greatest possible results for your brand in social networks.


Together i increase your success on social media

The playing field is huge and changes quickly, so you need quite a bit to be successful and stay successful on social media. With me you will find all those expertise together. I am enthusiastic, dedicated, involved with social 24/7 (and therefore also with you) and have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. I can’t wait to get started together!

Discover the power of social media!

Go social – Get success

Social media is an important means of promoting your product, brand or company , involving existing customers (engagement) and creating brand loyalty.

Social media marketing is suitable for all companies (small and large), because it is cheap and accessible.

There are more than 2.77 billion social media users worldwide, so you can assume that your customer is among them.

Whether you want to reach local customers or use your online store to ship products all over the world, social media is the most effective channel for letting people know you exist.

About one third of consumers prefer to contact a brand or company via social media . So there are also opportunities here to be able to serve your customer directly. The only drawback is that relatively speaking it takes quite a lot of time and that not everyone is good at communicating online.

I therefore take your social media management completely off your hands and get to work based on proven strategies.

Benefits of social media

By positioning I reinforce the expert image of your company
Increase your notoriety and visibility
Identify the “good” prospects and be more relevant in your interactions
Build trust to stay present in the mind of the prospect or customer
Increase traffic generation on the site

Websites, emails and advertisements are usually one-way communications between you and your customer. Social media allows you more authentic interactions to gain the trust of your audience.

People who connect with your content on social media are likely to share it and talk about it. This means of communication creates “buzz” and offers you an effective form of exposure and building your notoriety.

Social media is an effective tool for attracting customers to your website. Not only will the level of inbound traffic be more diverse, but those visitors who have already interacted with your social content, represent a higher potential of qualified leads for your business.

Strengthen your customer relationship and reach your targets on the right social networks. I help you develop the notoriety of your brand on the crossroads of audience.

Your E-Reputation must be worked upstream to consolidate and control your communication so as not to be vulnerable. With my recommendations, you will develop your visibility as well as the commitment of your customers.

Social networks at the heart of the communication strategy

First destination of the web, social networks represent a new environment for brands. They inaugurate a different type of relationship with their customers and allow them to enter into their daily lives to reach them better. In this conversational space, the opportunities for growth are numerous, the negative consequences too. Maintaining a presence on social networks is not an end in itself. Communication on social networks must serve a motivating, sustainable and different value proposition in order to achieve the objectives of the company.

Social strategy

How do we achieve our goals with social? How do we reach the target group?
What is our story? I help you make choices and provide an action-oriented plan.

Content Planing

From hooker to complete content calendar. I shall provide your timeline a boost! You will also be provided a preview of content schedule before going live.

Social Community

What you focus on grows! I strengthen the bond between your brand and your target audience by finding and engaging the conversation.

Social Reputation

Panic in the tent? Well, on social then? I help you get a grip! I map the sentiment and give advice on how to put out the fire.

Social Productions

From a photo shoot at the office to a mini-documentary in nature. I ensure first-class quality for a competitive price.

Inspiration Sessions

The latest trends on social, success stories or tips & tricks? I are happy to share our knowledge and insights to inspire your team!

Influencer Marketing

If done properly, you can achieve unprecedented results with influencers. I help with the selection, briefing and making the right agreements.

Social Care

Acting quickly, the right tone of voice and service orientation. In this way I put your brand on the map and I turn complainers into enthusiasts.

Stats & Reports

Numbers are nice, recommendations better. I not only show you how it went, but also how it can be done even better in the future.



Grow rich by building trust and loyalty with your audience. Increase engagement and Increase ROI.
Fill in the form and let me know your website domain and contact details. I will contact you back as soon as possible to discuss your plans and problems.

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