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I recommend that you have a e-Commerce website made. Precisely because new entrepreneurs are added every day, the number of e-Commerce sites are growing considerably. They all want to promote their e-Commerce site and sell their products. With a good e-Commerce web design and well-functioning e-Commerce, you immediately have an edge over the competition.

✓ Fast and affordable start-up
✓ Provides a larger sales area
✓ Smarter than a store seller
✓ Is always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
✓ No waiting at the checkout
✓ Cost saving property

✓ An extra sales channel to acquire new customers
✓ Cost savings through automation
✓ Achieve follow-up orders more easily
✓ Collect statistics and use them to your advantage
✓ Smart marketing for more sales
✓ Complete optimization options

Therefore, you need one


I already said it above, as an entrepreneur you want to do business and not build a e-commerce website yourself. Having a professional e-commerce website made is therefore worth considering. Especially when you realize that everything around your e-commerce website stands or falls with the web design and functionality of your website.

You can still have your marketing in order. If your e-commerce website is not functioning, you might as well stop!

Sound harsh? That’s not what I mean. However, having a e-commerce website made is a profession, entrepreneurship is a profession. I take your entrepreneurial ambitions seriously. Having a professional e-commerce website built will save you a lot of money. Building your own e-commerce website can cost you a lot of money.

1. A e-Commerce website according to the latest trends
Having a professional e-Commerce made means that a professional is at work. A web designer who focuses on optimizing your e-Commerce. He knows what works and what doesn’t. Who adheres to the latest web design trends and developments, but always with one goal in mind. Creating a user-friendly and revenue-generating e-Commerce website.

2. A e-commerce website that contributes to Google positions
Having a professional e-commerce website made – especially at a marketing agency – means that the e-commerce website is built according to the latest requirements of Google. Especially if an SEO specialist is also involved! A user-friendly e-commerce website has a huge influence on the success of your company. A lot of time, energy and money can be invested in search engine optimization or social media. However, if the e-commerce website is not in order, the visitor will quickly leave this site again and the turnover will remain behind.

Google attaches great importance to user-friendliness. They are always looking for the best experience for its users. This increases the chance that you will rank higher in Google. The better the findability in Google, the more chance of better results and higher turnover!

The Google positions rise with a fast e-commerce website and therefore yield more results. Faster shopping means the purchase at home faster and therefore enjoy it faster!

3. A e-commerce website must work well
Building the technology behind a professional e-commerce website is essential for generating customers. Speed ​​is important, but technique is just as important. If a e-commerce website does not work properly, users quickly leave the site.

They want convenience. It is important to make an online store work properly. The technology behind this is therefore essential. The better the functions and techniques are designed, the greater the chance of higher turnover. In addition, your e-commerce website must be optimized for conversions . Only then does the website do what it has to do, namely generate customers and turnover for you.

4. Online marketing becomes more expensive with a bad e-commerce website
Many companies outsource online marketing . That’s not for nothing. When having a e-commerce website made, you can immediately take into account the other use of online marketing. A Google shopping campaign will perform much better if you have had a professional e-commerce website made.

Google Ads is at the top of the list for many business owners as the marketing tool to get more customers. The basis for good advertisements is the website or e-commerce website. Without a good professional e-commerce website, the costs for Google Ads are very high. This is a shame, because you can prevent this. Make sure there is a professional e-commerce website. If there is a good e-commerce website, the positions on Google will improve. This results in lower costs for Google Ads and therefore more return for your company. Click prices increase if many visitors leave your e-commerce website without a purchase.

Online marketing becomes more expensive with a bad e-commerce website
Even if your e-commerce website loads slowly or is not user-friendly. This can be taken into account by having a e-commerce website made. If your online store doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do – sell – you’re nowhere. No matter how well you use your online marketing.

5. Having a e-commerce website made professionally means investing in your online business
Having a professional e-commerce website made is important in this time with the ever further development of the online business. Nowadays, a lot of online purchases are made.

It is important to respond to this as a company. An optimization of the e-commerce website or having a completely new e-commerce website built is essential for more return for your company. DigitalAnanth will make the e-commerce website completely according to your wishes and deliver a professional, reliable and high-quality e-commerce website.


of people will leave a website because of poor functionality.
of all retail ecommerce is expected to be generated via mobile devices.
of shoppers say product information and pictures are important to them when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from.
of consumers rate usability as an important design characteristic for an online shop.
83% of designers, developers, and agencies from the web development industry find it hard to gather relevant information and content from clients.

I Am your all-inclusive eCommerce development consultant

What does a business need to succeed in this digital space? Is digital transformation enough? Is eCommerce website development enough? Not really. A company needs an expert solution partner. An experienced professional who understands how these online marketplaces function, exactly how buyer psychology works, and what key services your brand should include to increase customer loyalty. You, in general, need a commander who can from time to time help you improve your web store user interface, landing pages, product pages, email marketing strategies, emerging tech trends and guide you on how to leverage them.

DigitalAnanth will be delighted to be your eCommerce solutions partner and take on this responsibility. My eCommerce web development and digital marketing skills will help you build a brand, not just an online sales company. If you think you’re ready, let’s talk business.

Digital marriage

The road to a fantastic e-Commerce website

The step into the world of e-commerce requires thorough preparation. That's how I approach it.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Brainstorm

I ask which products are you going to offer, which target group do we want to reach and which visual language, technology and functionality will help us with that? And the most important question: why do you want to use e-commerce? For example, if you have heard insights or questions about this from your target group, this helps us to shape and content the solution.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Wireframing

This gives you a rough first impression of the process and the layout of the e-commerce. You can see which steps the customer goes through and how user-friendly he is. Here I lay the foundation for a e-commerce that your customers will enjoy visiting and using again and again. When I am satisfied with this concept design, it is time for the real design.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

3. Development

Here I am going to build the eCommerce. At the front end and back end. I tailor the website completely, without standard parts or other elements that make your site larger, slower and less manageable. When it is ready, I will test it extensively to remove as many bugs as possible. When I have tested satisfactorily, I will put the webshop live.

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

4. Maintenance

I am not ready yet after delivery. I am happy to continue to support you. For example with an SLA, a Service Level Agreement. That is a contract in which I stipulate that I will take action if something is wrong. Without the need for an additional invoice. I am also happy to help you with online marketing, because who wouldn’t want more new customers?

Get a e-Commerce website that is ready for the future!

Everything is going fast! This means that our online experience on a e-commerce website must also be right. That is why it is important to have a professional e-commerce website made, I can help you with this! I have a lot of experience and respond to the latest trends when it comes to web design Let’s Talk.

Fast & Reliable e-Commerce Solutions

Experienced &. certified e-Commerce development professional

A robust eCommerce website serves as the foundation of your online retail business. When you partner with DigitalAnanth, you work with professional eCommerce website designer and developer who is passionate about high-performance eCommerce architectures and conversion-driven UIs. As an eCommerce development partner i have already delivered reliable this service to many clients. It gives our clients a huge advantage of hiring me with extensive technical intelligence and a creative mindset.

I understand that a website is the heart of a digital business. That’s why my eCommerce website development services provide the best standard features and functionalities, while remaining agile and customizable. I am an e-commerce specialist, developing fully customized stores that match your unique brand voice and help you establish solid customer brand authority.

The combination of our eCommerce web design services, along with years of eCommerce experience, makes me the go-to choice for your next eCommerce development project.

e-Commerce Website FAQ's

WordPress is an open source system and always evolving. New updates are released regularly for both WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, which respond to the latest trends and developments. Of course I ensure that your website and plugins are always up-to-date. I update your website weekly, so you don’t have to worry about it.

E-commerce development is developing e-commerce platforms that enable online shopping and payment for your customers. Worldwide. 24/7. They are online environments powered by systems like WordPress, Magento, Prestashop. Shopify or one of the many other packages. They are systems that can integrate with other software within your company, such as stock administration. An important factor when choosing a system is the integration into your website. Because of course you don’t want to keep up to date with two different sites.

About 20% of all websites run on WordPress. It is therefore an extremely user-friendly system, and thanks to thousands of plugins, there are endless possibilities to adapt your website exactly to your wishes. I have years of experience with WordPress, which means that you can always expect an excellent result. WordPress is perfect for E-commerce websites that sell specialized products or services, or that integrate a Ecommerce into an extensive website with a lot of content.

Unlike a standard corporate website that only emphasizes a company’s corporate identity, the design and development of a full ecommerce website includes a database of products, product information, product search, order processing, payment systems, and much more.

There are now millions of web shops within Google that all want to draw attention to their products and articles. So you have to stand out with your e-commerce. It ensures that your company has a reliable and professional appearance. Visitors have a short attention span, and good design responds to this. That is why you must dare to invest in a good design of your e-commerce. After all, it is the cash register of your company, how are you going to sell your products and services if the cash register does not work properly?

Let’s me brief, yes! When you create a great design with complicated visuals and spectacular effects, this can have serious consequences for the speed of the e-commerce. Let that be an important factor for Google to place you higher in the search results. A e-commerce must load within 1.5 seconds to perform well in the eyes of Google.

I know better than anyone what is involved in a good web design for your e-commerce. That is why I also know what the most common mistakes are. For example, I see that the responsive design often does not work well. Scaling your e-commerce until it fits on mobile, that’s not enough. User-friendliness should always come first. Visitors have different wishes on mobile than on desktop. Another common mistake is it

The bigger your e-commerce, the higher the costs. After all, if your e-commerce consists of a landing page and shopping cart, it is a lot smaller than you need a web design for everything. Do ten or hundreds of product pages need to be designed?

This is completely dependent on:

Number of templates
External Links
Import / Export
Possible calculators or the like
Multisite (several languages)
Standard products or variable products.


Start your online store now and let me help you grow fast.

Content Management Systems

Your customers’ needs are constantly changing and to maximize your sales, your website must change with them. I use robust content management systems for all of our e-commerce websites, so you can add/remove products, change prices and set up promotions in no time at all.

Mobile Friendly Design

There was a time when the internet was only accessible through a desktop computer, but those days are long gone. I create responsive e-commerce websites that are attractive and easy to use on any device (including smartphones, tablets and laptops), so your customers can buy your products on the go.

Tailor-made solutions

There are hundreds of ready-made e-commerce packages and website themes on the market, and these are great if you want to develop a website on a budget or with a short development time. However, I also provide tailor-made solutions, creating a unique experience for each customer. Whatever you need, I can supply it!

Multiple e-commerce websites

Is your company focused on different markets? I can create a multi-site ecommerce platform that allows you to reach multiple audiences with different websites. Some customers have even used my white label websites to build lucrative affiliate systems, with dozens of affiliate site owners selling and marketing their products for them.

Secure Payment Integration

People will only spend money on your website if they have confidence in the security and reliability of your payment system. My e-commerce websites use proven, trusted payment services (Razorpay, PayGlocal, PayU & Instamojo) to provide consumers with a smooth, fast and completely secure payment experience every time they make a purchase.

Website Optimization

Millions of internet users are looking for similar products and I can help you make your products findable in search engines faster than competitors’ products. I use the latest keyword research and SEO techniques to maximize your traffic organically. Also the positioning techniques required for search engines.

Audience Targeting

To succeed, a website must know its audience, and this goes doubly for ecommerce websites. All the work I do is done with the end user in mind; you obviously know your audience like no other and that’s why we’ll work closely with you during the design process, listening carefully to your ideas and making sure your new e-commerce website is perfectly tailored to your customers’ needs.


I often hear from companies that they have ‘outgrown’ their e-commerce website and need a more robust solution to meet increased demand. That is why I develop your website with an eye to the future, so that your website will always be able to meet the increasing demand for your product or service.

Analytics and Conversions

It is important to track the performance of your website after it goes live. I am well versed in the use of Google Analytics and other analytical services; Not only can I measure your sales and traffic levels, I can also set “goals” that tell you more about your users and how they interact with your site. For example, you can track how often a form is completed.


Website design and development services from Digital Ananth. More than 20 years of experience developing websites and photographing products for e-commerce websites.

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