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Looking for new, high-quality leads with a high chance of scoring? Want to know which companies are best to approach at what time? With the lead generation strategy made by me you can lift your B2B lead generation to a higher level. Easily choose companies based on characteristics that are interesting for your market approach.

Are companies that have recently relocated interesting for you in B2B lead generation? Do you supply products or services that are of interest to companies that have CSR high on their agenda? Or are you looking for organizations that resemble your most converting customers? Improve your lead generation of companies by quickly and easily selecting organizations that fit your ideal customer profile. This way you increase the chance of scoring your B2B marketing campaigns.

In the company database available in the marketing you will find current, relevant company information about potential companies for B2B lead generation. Based on this information, you select the companies that are of interest to you. This is how you find new leads based on:

Changes in organizations

Is the workforce of an organization growing or are there changes in management? Perhaps they are looking for a new building or for a whole new IT structure and they are right now within your relevant market.
Is the workforce growing or are there changes in management? These can be triggers for a customer need that your company provides & which you can therefore respond to with B2B lead generation.


Your current customers reveal a lot about where you can find promising new leads for B2B lead generation. Zoom in on the organizational profile of your best customers and use that information to select new companies for campaigns. There is a good chance that they are also interested in your product.

Are you unsure which target groups to select for B2B lead generation? Then I can help you with marketing prediction models .

Sales, marketing and commerce are becoming increasingly intertwined.

From lead to loyal customer

The boundaries between lead generation, sales and marketing are fading fast. Lead generation is increasingly seen as the first step of digital marketing before moving seamlessly into digital commerce and customer experience. And finally in customer loyalty and retention.

Technology makes it possible to personally approach, track and treat virtually everyone. Every lead is unique. He is somewhere in the sales funnel and has specific needs.

By taking the step from thinking in groups of people to recognizing individuals, you really get the most out of every lead.

The end of the possibilities is far from in sight. Chatbots, Data and Artificial Intelligence are driving lead generation to the next level of marketing automation. Real-time insight and retrospective improvement will make way for prediction. And that’s closer than you might think.

✓ Reach more targeted buyers

✓ Reach marketing qualified leads

✓ Attract sales qualified leads

✓ Let your sales team win over targets

✓ Predict your sales pipeline


Of B2B marketers indicate that lead generation is the most important marketing goal.
Of purchases for various industrial manufacturers were influenced by digital communications.
Of buyers say ``too much information`` prevents them from filling out a contact form.
Of B2B executives research products and services on a tablet in the evenings.
Most B2B prospects are already 57% through the sales process before they talk to a sales advisor from your organization.

B2B Lead generation made easy

Marketing approach focused on sales qualified leads

Every organization wants more leads. But what is the right lead? And what can a lead cost? Digital Ananth always looks at the business plan behind the question. Of course, together with my customers, I am warming up to more leads, but I prefer to look at the return and the insights that are required for this.

As a specialist in the field of digital lead generation, I bring together different expertise: marketing strategy, content marketing and marketing automation. I have everything in-house to manage leads, score effectively and convert them into sales. For example, we can do lead generation via chatbots. Thanks to smart tools, We can measure and adjust in real time.

I believe that the driving force behind this smart technology is always people. Setting up teams and training people is therefore always part of my approach. Ultimately, that also adds up to a seamless experience that captivates and binds leads.

Take advantage of my knowledge

Gear up your lead generation methods

Do you often wonder how to get in touch with potential customers? Where is your target audience? And, if you do find it, how do you take the first step to start the conversation? That’s convenient, because I know very well how to approach that and I find it even more fun to help others. Is there still a lot to be achieved in the field of content, then inbound marketing might fit your goal perfectly or do you want to improve the quality of your lead generation process by means of marketing automation ? Together with you, I work on strong online lead generation, resulting in qualitative leads that you can relate to.

The benefits of online lead generation

More grip on the target group
More leads → more customers → more sales
Better visibility


Get the right approach for success

Lead generation is a process that takes a lot of time and, in particular, energy and the result is not always immediately visible. Close cooperation with sales is required, as follow-up (at the right time) will determine whether a lead becomes a customer.

At Digital Ananth I am happy to provide you with advice in the field of a lead generation to ensure that leads come in and that these leads are really kept warm. Curious? Then contact me!


What I offer for driving leads to loyal customers.


With result-oriented B2B strategies I ensure more conversions, traffic, leads, sales and of course growth in turnover for my customers.

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Lead generation is increasingly seen as the first step of digital marketing before moving seamlessly into digital commerce and customer experience. And finally in customer loyalty and retention.

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) stands for the most targeted approach possible: personalized marketing to one company or organization.

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The key to success is a multi-channel and multi-format content marketing approach. Voice-driven content will also become an important part of an effective content marketing strategy.

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Who seeks, finds. Find your potential customers. I ensure that your potential customers will find you with the right message. I create targeted campaigns and create targeted web traffic that leads to conversions.

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Reach decision-makers who have never heard of your brand in an accessible and measurable way through B2B advertising.

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A B2B brand should support making a well-considered investment. Your corporate identity and the brand architecture must be aligned with your solutions and reflect the value you have to offer.

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Scale your business to next level.

Your database is filling up with leads. Even with leads that do not result in a purchase. In the optimization of a lead campaign, I pay just as much attention to both. By comparing the two, we can determine the optimal Cost per Lead, determine the average revenue per conversion and name parameters on which I assess the quality of the leads, so that I can steer towards marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads. It is therefore absolutely worthwhile to also register the revenues and data internally. I offer solutions which communicates the quality of the leads to Google Analytics, so that we can use this information to optimize the current campaigns.

Those who leave data often don’t immediately make a purchase, but this doesn’t mean you should just throw those leads in the trash. Every lead you receive deserves to be followed up carefully. The biggest pitfall is that the succession is forgotten in the delusion of the day. A shame, because you invested a lot in getting that lead. The solution is simple. For example, you can set up an automated email flow for different types of leads and send out emails with additional information, webinars, animations or product demos. Are you an advocate of personal contact? For example, follow up the incoming leads every week with telemarketing. Do you organize trade fairs or seminars? Invite your new leads! You score points with that.

All about online lead generation

B2B Lead Generation is a form of online marketing where you as a company or organization can offer your products and services by using an inbound marketing strategy. Lead generation actually includes all activities aimed at getting in touch with potential customers, also known as prospects.

There are several elements that can help you generate more leads for your company or organization. First of all, find out who your target audience is, where you can find them and how you can best reach them. With a successful lead generation strategy you want to work in a targeted manner, and therefore only reach the right people. By conducting a short market research, you will quickly find out how you can best put together your strategy. For example, offer something valuable, such as a relevant white paper or e-book that helps your customers with a problem that affects them.

Generating leads can be done in different ways. You can use paid advertisements (SEA), you can optimize your website so that you can be found better in search engines (SEO), you can run various social media campaigns (SEM) and much more. What works very well for someone else may not work just as well for you. For example, your target audience may be very different from a competitor of yours. Read in my blog ‘B2B Lead Generation: Everything you always wanted to know!’ more about B2B lead generation.

Analyzing the data from your website can give you a lot of benefits. For example, Google Analytics contains data about how often your pages are visited, how long these page sessions are and which pages are visited the best. For example, put forms on your most visited pages that encourage a visitor to leave data in exchange for something valuable such as a white paper or an e-book. This way you actually generate leads based on information you already have, without having to do much for it.

Everything starts with the visitor. There are several ways to get visitors to your website. For example, you can advertise online, use social media or fully optimize your website for search engines (SEO). But the best way to get visitors to your website is content creation. Content can take many different forms, such as blogs, e-books, videos, and so on. You can then share and sponsor this content in a variety of ways, so that visitors come to your website.

It is important that you ensure that the content matches the wishes and needs of the customer. So don’t reason from your range of products and/or services when developing content, but think from your customer’s point of view. That is the only way you can convince a ‘stranger’ to leave his details, so that the stranger is no longer a stranger, but a known (visitor). You can then continue to provide the visitor with content that guides you through the entire purchase process. This is how you turn a stranger into a lead!

Above I described how to move your target audience to your website. But if you want the effort you have to put in to pay off, you’ll need to make sure you have a plan for the visitor who has landed on your website. In this plan at least the following list must be ticked off:

  • My website has optimized landing pages.
  • I have posted good calls to action (CTAs) through my website.
  • I use a system in which I register my leads (CRM or Marketing Automation system ).

Not only is the marketing department important in the lead generation process, but the sales department also plays a decisive role in this. After all, your sales colleagues are the people who ultimately close the deal with your leads. However, the collaboration between marketing and sales does not always run smoothly. In some organizations there is even rivalry between the sales and marketing departments. The tips below will help you to prevent this undesirable situation and to set up a commercial team that works smartly together, a so -called SMarketing department .

  • Make sure there is clear communication between both departments. Marketing can learn a lot about the identity, requirements, wishes and customer journey of your leads in the early stages of the lead generation process. This valuable information must be shared with sales for a successful follow-up.
  • In consultation with sales, determine which leads you would like to have, but also think about leads that are actually not that interesting. This way you can focus your time and attention on the leads that have real potential.
  • Take care of the quality of your leads. Obviously, your sales department needs a certain base amount of leads to meet targets, but quantity shouldn’t be your only priority. Ultimately, the better the quality of your leads, the greater the chance that the leads will actually transform into customers.

I can do this for you


Generating valuable B2B leads is not easy in this world of 'infobesity'. With the 7 powerful B2B lead generation tips provide below, you will in any case significantly increase your chances.

Make as much personal contact as possible

Of course it is easy to quickly send an email or app with questions from potential customers. But it is also an opportunity to make better and more personal contact. If a physical appointment takes too much time or is not yet opportune, you can also opt for a video call, web demo or telephone introduction.

Harness the power of live chat

Even though you have done everything you can to make your proposition as clear as possible on your website. Some visitors sometimes cannot find what they are looking for. Many customers prefer live chat for support questions, and are often more satisfied with the result.

Use marketing automation

Have you already started collecting email addresses correctly? If not yet, try to do this as soon as possible. Once you’ve obtained an email address, you can use marketing automation to nurture those leads and collect more data. Use the available data to send specific messages to the different groups.

Convert your website visitors into leads

Mapping your website visitors is an important part of any online lead generation strategy. This way you can also keep a close eye on how effective your online advertising campaign really is. Not doing this yet? Start implementing it today.

Start Giving

An effective way to generate leads through your website is by giving away valuable content. Think of best practices, benchmarks, special data or a handy tool. Just make sure you actually create value.

Get more online reviews

Positive reviews increase the reliability of any product or service.
B2B decision makers in particular orient themselves online before they make a purchase. They look for honest reviews to support their decision. Make sure you have good and genuine reviews about your service/product available online.

Are you taking advantage of all the benefits of online lead generation? Discover how you can gather complete support for your lead generation.
Delivering a total solution for your online lead generation success.



Grow rich by building trust and loyalty with your audience. Increase engagement and Increase ROI.
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