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Identity Design is the visual language of your company.

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What is Identity Design?.

Identity design is the process of designing your visual identity. And your visual identity is the ‘face’ of your company. It is the visual style by which you can be recognized and it usually consists of a combination of your logo, typography, a color palette and things such as patterns, shapes and photos.

A visual identity often arises from Branding . With Branding, the character and positioning of your company is thought out. For example, what your mission is, what makes you unique, how you distinguish yourself, what feeling you want to convey to your customers, how you communicate (tone), what you want to radiate and what impression you want to create.
Your visual identity is aligned with your Branding and thus it is the visual expression of your mission, your standards and values ​​and your ideals. It is the face of your company. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And so Logo Design is part of Identity Design?

Often. The design of your logo is crucial and usually the first step in the design of your visual identity. Your logo is the figurehead of your company and usually colors, shapes and typography are aligned with that part. Not the other way around. Logo Design is therefore a service that I also offer ‘individually’, but in 95% of the cases it is part of an Identity Design project.

What is the purpose of Identity Design?

The main goal is in the first instance to present you well-groomed and unique in the market and to generate trust with your customer. Your visual appearance says a lot about your company and the person behind it. And your customers translate ‘how you present yourself’ to the rest of your company and to the quality of your product or service.
It is also something that visually connects all your expressions (from your website to your printed matter). And this consistent style makes you come across as an established and serious company. This instills confidence in your customers.

Isn't Identity Design & corporate identity same?

Not officially. Although many people confuse the two. Officially, your house style consists of physical products (often printed matter) such as your business card, letterhead, envelopes, etc. House style therefore refers to the products to which you apply your visual identity. And your visual identity is the style itself.

With Identity Design, the end product is often an Identity Book in which the design of your company is described and how it should be applied. Identity Design therefore comes before the design of your Corporate Identity. As soon as your visual identity has been fully thought out, the products to which that design is applied flow very organically and effortlessly. Designing products such as printed matter and your website is therefore much easier and faster when the visual identity is already ready.

What's the point of Identity Design?

Human behavior is not as rational as you might think. Rarely will you hear for example; “The image of this company convinced me!”. Yet that is indeed what often happens. People are extremely visually oriented and we give what is ‘beautiful’ much more of a chance than something less beautiful. Something that looks attractive and well-groomed is therefore usually 3-0 ahead of the rest.

People are more tolerant of something beautiful, make something beautiful more happy and unconsciously translate ‘beautiful’ into ‘good’ or ‘better’. Even when that is not even ‘good’ or ‘better’, we as humans have more tolerance, patience and respect for things that look attractive and well-groomed. However illogical or even unfair that may seem. This is increasingly confirmed by psychological research.

What is the process of Identity Design?

Understand the identity design process from your consultant.

After a customer has contacted me, I ask him or her to complete a questionnaire before we embark on a project together. The answers I get from you to these questions give me an idea of ​​who you are, what you want to achieve, what your vision for the future is, what appeals to you in other companies (or not) etc. Based on this information we come to a conversation often leads to a kind of character description of your ideal image, which is part of the Branding process. Based on this description and a further elaboration of it, I will come up with concepts (in image and word) that could be an impact for the visual identity of your company. And based on these concepts I make mood boards and first visual try-outs with which we can explore together what feels good and what doesn’t.
Usually, after a number of concept rounds, one concept is selected to build on and the logo, typography and colors are matched to that concept. Ultimately, we arrive at a unique mix of designed elements that together form the ‘visual DNA’ of your company.
During this process there is a lot of consultation, because in fact I see my projects as a collaboration with my client. And this also requires time and commitment from my client.
The advantage is that he or she has a finger on the pulse with regard to progress and also feels involved and heard.
The ultimate goal of Identity Design is a unique visual identity for your company with a great distinctive character that is a translation of your standards, values ​​and ideals.

Digital marriage


of consumers love a brand with friendly customer service.
of consumers consider switching brands after only one instance of poor service.
of consumers prefer to buy products or services from brands they know.
of people become loyal to brands through content.
Coca-Cola spends an average of $4 billion on branding each year.

Identity Design

The visual language of your company.

The logo is the main part of a visual identity. For that reason, I first focus on the logo design. As soon as the logo is ready, I will explore which additional elements I can add in order to arrive at a total style from which your company can be recognized. Think of colors, fonts, shapes, photos, etc. The purpose of this is that I design a visual character that you can easily apply to your company expressions such as your website, business cards, invoices, presentations, etc.

I then describe this visual identity in a so-called identity book. This is a reference book for entrepreneurs in which all the details of their identity are described. Think of color numbers, fonts and guidelines for the use of the logo. In it I also describe the idea behind the logo and I often use these booklets as a means to scan some fictitious products – purely for your image – such as advertising posters, slogans, printed matter, etc.

The aim of the logo, together with your identity, is that you make a distinctive and professional impression on your target group and beyond. I do not only focus on where you are now as an entrepreneur, but also on your potential. And I take you into the design where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. In this way, your logo and identity are also a kind of dot on the horizon. It says something about who you are, what you stand for and to what goal you are on your way.

Identity Designing Method

I see a project as a collaboration between you and me
I give you a lot of feedback and ask for your opinion and input. In this way we work through the project phases step by step. This way you have a finger on the pulse with regard to what I do and think.

In addition, I approach the course of the project as a funnel. We start a project broad and open-minded and zoom in on the ideas that we both think; “Hey this is interesting!”
The steps marked with a ⇆ are the times when I ask for your feedback.

I have refined my working method more and more over the past 10 years. And I have now developed a project method that has been proven to work and which I would like to use myself if the roles were reversed. Creativity, depth, dedication, transparency, regular contact, working via the internet and phased invoicing are some of the spearheads of this.

But what does it cost? Design work is custom work and the exact answer to this question depends on the requirements, wishes and budget of the customer. This is therefore always in consultation. But on average, my projects come out between 10,000 and 50,000 . Self-employed people and startups often fall in the first half of this range. And SMEs and scale-ups (usually redesigning) in the second half.


“If you do your Branding well, your competition becomes irrelevant”

Would you like a unique logo and a professional visual identity for your company?
Then let’s discuss. I am curious about your goals and dreams and I like to face new challenges.

I am curious about your challenge! I am happy to provide you with advice. Tell me more about your company or self here below – I will gladly make a first no-obligation identity scan.


Branding and Visual Identity services.


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