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For you as an entrepreneur, a good responsive web design is essential. Actually, the website is one of your sales staff. Here a visitor determines whether or not he will do business with you, eventually the money will come in. When you use a lot of digital marketing to get people in touch with this sales employee, isn’t it a shame that they end up on a site that doesn’t work well and they can’t do business with you?

✓ Generate long-term leads.
✓ Signboard of your company.
✓ Credibility of your business.
✓ Effortlessly help visitors 24/7.
✓ More than just a business card.
✓ Reach New potential customers.

✓ Information for existing customers.
✓ Quickly grab the attention of a visitor.
✓ Build confidence as a leader in your market.
✓ Better rankings in Google and other search engines.
✓ You are in control yourself, unlike social media platforms.
✓ Help potential customers in all phases of the purchase process.

Before you start your website


Do you want to develop a successful website? Then it is important that you describe clear goals for your website. A goal is a clearly formulated result that must be achieved within a certain period of time. The most common way to set clear goals is the SMART method, which stands for:


So “increasing revenue or profit” or “automating processes to reduce costs” or “improving customer service” is not specific enough. These goals are too general! For example, if you want to attract more traffic, you can make that specific by specifying:

How much traffic, for example 1500 visitors
What should be the quality of the traffic (time on site, number of pages visited, conversion)?
What period are you talking about? Per day, week, month or quarter?

Different goals of your website
A website can of course have all kinds of purposes. However, the main purpose of your website will in most cases fall into one of the 5 categories below.

To inform
To sell
Generate leads
Branding / Brand Experience
Offer service

The above goals are of course not specific enough, but they may already give you a first direction. By setting a clear goal, everyone involved in the development of the new website can commit to this goal. If you know what you want to achieve, you can also evaluate and adjust a lot more easily. Taking the time to clearly formulate your goal is really a crucial first step for developing a successful website.

Therefore, you need one


It is important that you know for yourself how your website contributes to your revenue model. A website must be built from the brand values ​​and emotions of the brand instead of a kind of online brochure. But what do visitors find important in a website? According to research, there are 4 aspects that a visitor pays attention to when using a website.

Design: use of color, use of images, attractive, typography, logo, layout and possibly sound and videos.
Content: relevant, current, accurate, objective and possibly multilingual.
User-friendliness: reliability, usability, security, responsive and interactivity. Is it easy and fast to use? Do you not have to perform too many extra clicks?
Structure: This is of course related to all aspects and forms the basis of the previous 3. This concerns the navigation, links, sitemap, call-to-action etc.

Nowadays, a website is mainly opened on a smartphone, which often creates a different structure than on a desktop version. There are 2 design options for a website on a smartphone.

Adaptive design: The content and design are adapted to the ‘smaller’ format. It may also be that, for example, long pieces of information are summarized. In addition, it is important that contact details can be found quickly and clearly.

Responsive design: This is the most common, where the design, content and layout are automatically adapted to the ‘smaller’ size. For example, through a hamburger menu or long pieces of text instead of lengthwise across the width of the screen.

Important tip to know is that the rule for the homepage applies: “Less is more”

So it is important that all these points are taken into account and that this is done professionally.


of consumers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand.
percent of people cited that a website’s design is the No. 1 factor in determining a business’s credibility.
percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content.
of people use multiple screens sequentially.
84% of web designers believe crowded web design is the most common mistake made by small businesses.

The different types of websites

  • Branding (entering a brand experience such as Red Bull, for example)
  • Communicating (informational addition, for example with sports results or party programs)
  • Connect (comparison sites, such as Smartprix.com or the consumer association)
  • Seducing (generating leads, for example through quotations/requests. T-Mobile.)
  • Operate (service-providing websites such as the tax authorities or online banking)
  • Selling (E-commerce, online sales of products, for example Amazon)
  • Publishing (information sites, this can be about different types of information, for example the weather, news or facts)
Digital marriage

The road to a fantastic website

Almost every company has a website. It is my mission to make you stand head and shoulders above the rest. With a nicer, better and more unique website. I give your brand the shine it deserves! That's why I help you from concept to code. From idea to realization. The steps I go through for that 👉.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Analyze

Start building right away? Unfortunately. I need a solid foundation. That is why I start with an opportunity analysis. Here I discover what the competition is doing, what opportunities there are and what the trends are exactly.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Research

You want your website to be found soon. However? That is why I do an extensive keyword research. Your website will be set up based on that. From web structure to theme pages. The customer journey is central.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

3. Design

A website without a design is like swimming without water. That’s why I put down a design that doesn’t just look great on your laptop, it also works great on a tablet or mobile. Oh and, user-friendliness comes first!

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

4. Development

Yes people! It’s finally time to start building. I transform the design into a website that is perfectly put together both functionally and technically. Fast, safe, easy to maintain and search engine friendly.

Get a responsive web design that is ready for the future!

Everything is going fast! This means that our online experience on a website must also be right. That is why it is important to have a professional website design made, I can help you with this! I have a lot of experience and respond to the latest trends when it comes to web design Let’s Talk.

Get the most out of your web design

Core process of making a web design

Want to increase your brand awareness, turnover and profit with the help of a website or e-Commerce? Always ensure a professional web design. Without the right design you will never get the most out of your website. There are many factors to consider when designing websites. For example, is the website conversion -oriented ? Do all the elements on the page match your corporate identity? Is the website responsive and mobile friendly? And are all pages of the site easy to find in the search engines ? I create custom websites that perform and convert excellently.

I help you with a new web design in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Functional Design (FD)
How should your website function? What options should be added. You can’t build a house without drawings and design, so why a website? In step one of the web design process, I make an inventory of your wishes (and requirements) regarding your new website. Investing in a functional design means:

Less costs for additional work
Less miscommunication,
No delay in planning and missed deadlines


  • Introduction
  • Target audience
  • Goals of the website
  • Structure of website
  • Elaboration of different pages
  • Features per page
  • Input for design (GD) and technology (TR)


Step 2: Graphic Design (GD)
A graphic design influences all elements that your website or e-Commerce contains. It is the visual translation of the functional design. It’s more than just the look of your site. A professional graphic design provides the connection between your company and your (potential) customers. Moreover, with a graphic design you know exactly which elements will be placed where and this design can be translated into technology.

Visualization of the website
Responsive display of the website

Step 3: Technical realization
After the functional and graphic design has been realized, the technical design can be started. This step marks the transition from a visual web design to a functional website. I work with the latest tools and systems, so that the website has all the modern functionalities that customers and users can expect. From images to the font and from videos to call-to-action buttons, everything is technically prepared.

Design is translated into technical realization
Links to other systems

Website Design & Development FAQ's

A web design is a designed representation of a website. In a web design you will find all visual elements displayed. At Digital Ananth, web design consists of three parts, namely:

Functional Design (FD)
Graphic Design (GD)
Technical realisation (TR)

If you had asked if a website was necessary more than twenty years ago, the answer was probably no. But today you are unique as a company if you don’t have a website. A website offers unimaginable opportunities for your company. A website ensures that you are visible to your customers 24/7. A website also increases the reach for your product or service many times over.

A new website is a big project. Many people within your company want to have their say. The marketing manager wants to address all personas well. The P&O manager wants a large vacancy section and the sales department mainly wants to generate leads. And oh well, there is still a ‘web designer’ in the house who actually wants a cutting-edge website and preferably directly at number one in Google. You already read it, there are many wishes from many different people. That is why it is good to start with a design in which the objectives of the most important stakeholders come together. I can of course help you with this!

Designing a website is more than a translation of your company presentation or brochure. It is a place where your potential customers have a first introduction to your company. Visitors will read more about your company here and make the decision whether or not to work with you. You can’t know everything about everything, and maybe you don’t have enough knowledge of websites. That is why I am happy to help you, as I am aware of things such as usability, HTML and search engine friendliness. That is the immediate advantage of engaging an agency, you can be sure that you are having a site made that meets the latest developments.

Yes, the process does start with the design of a website homepage. But the work doesn’t stop here. You should not underestimate how much work goes into a new site and the design of the site. Are you going to offer products, post vacancies, write blog articles, chat with visitors, post videos, integrate with social media, offer content offers… you read it already. Numerous different possibilities, these must be given a place on the site and above all these things have to be designed.

You probably do it yourself, are you reading this on a mobile or desktop computer? Of course you don’t want your website to look different on all devices and screens. There are hundreds of different devices and screen sizes. There are also many other browsers. These all affect how that one CTA is aligned or which image appears where on the site. With a responsive design you can ensure that the site will look the same on all different screens. Our developers will always advise you on this and I provide a responsive design.

A functional design is seen as the blueprint of the complete design. The FO consists largely of text, but mind maps and illustrations can also be part of a functional design. The functional design provides clarity during the web design process and therefore offers great added value. Every web design process is unique. After all, no organization and target group are the same. A functional design is therefore often step 1 to get a good picture of all wishes and requirements.

Of course, your website is designed and built according to the latest guidelines to make your website score well. However, this does not mean that you will go live today and be in the top three tomorrow. Even if you were already there, you can fall back for a while. Digital Ananth shall advise you on what you can do for your organic findability. If you want to promote your website directly in the search engine, I recommend that you get started with search engine advertising with Digital Ananth .

Digital Ananth is specialized in WordPress websites and know how to make links to external parties. WordPress is a user-friendly CMS and is well found by Google in the search engine. Of course I think along with you about the possibilities, but in the basics I recommend that you develop a WordPress website.

No new content is written. Under web design, only the designs and the technology are really delivered. Do you want to know the possibilities of content? I can always think along with you about a suitable content strategy .

If you are working on the website, you can also get started with search engine optimization during the design and technical realization. For this you can check out my SEO services or, if you need new content, we can discuss. This way you know for sure that your website will be easier to find after going live than if you did not use it simultaneously.

What does a website cost is often one of the first questions I hear. This question is just as difficult to answer as the question of how much a new car costs.

Web design is custom work, the bigger your website or e-commerce, the higher the costs. After all, if your website consists of a landing page and a contact page, it is a lot smaller than you need a web design for everything. Do you need external links? Do ten or hundreds of product pages need to be designed? Always see the costs as an investment. An investment that pays for itself in more findability, a user-friendly website and a web design that suits your company.

Do you want an A brand car or a B or C brand? What options do you want in the car? Think of the start of your website project as an unbranded, stripped-down car. The design, technology and options will ultimately determine to which class your website will belong. Is it a small or large website? Multilingual? Online store? What additional functionalities should the site contain? Extensive website forms, protected login areas, reservation option…

There are many options that determine the price of a website. For that reason, a website is often custom-made. In order to answer this question properly, I would first like to know more. Request a quote without obligation .

Creating your website does not have to take long as far as I am concerned. If you make time for it and I schedule it, it can go very quickly. Your site will be online within 3 to 4 weeks. Is that fast enough for you?

With a CMS website such as WordPress and Joomla you cannot avoid website maintenance. I provide website maintenance for almost all my customers. contact me for website maintenance solutions.

Yes, of course! Because ‘Open Source’ CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla are used, numerous plugins are available. This way the website can grow with your company.

Yes, the website that is built for you is your property. This is possible because I use ‘open source’ CMS systems such as WordPress.
This way you don’t have to have your website remade if you unexpectedly decide to switch to another web design partner. If you are going to use another web design agency, then ‘I will pack the site’ and you will receive the entire package.

There are countless companies that provide beautiful and good sites. So choose a partner you feel good about with good references . To promote Digital Ananth, I list some pluses here:

20+ years of experience
Online and offline total concepts
All under one roof; graphic design studio & web design
One point of contact, so short lines
I combine your wishes with our knowledge and experience
My enthusiasm is contagious
Fast response & delivery times


The sales process consists of 4 phases and your website must respond to this by providing content that helps your target group in all these phases:


phase Every sales process starts with a problem. For example, company X has a liquidity problem. In 89% of these types of problems, the problem holder searches online . In doing so, he first wants to read up on the problem. What is a liquidity deficiency? How often does it occur? How bad is it?

It is important to make sure that your website describes and explains your customers’ problems well. This way, a customer can already get to know your company in phase 1.


In step 2, your prospects will look for solutions. How do you solve a liquidity problem? What are the benefits of each solution? What are the pitfalls? Here too, online searches are often used to find answers.

So make sure that you are easy to find online and that you describe the solutions on the website in the language of your target group.


When the potential customer arrives in phase 3, it is time to list the requirements. This doesn’t always happen on paper and often happens unconsciously, but a potential customer answers questions like: What is important to my company? What type of company is right for me? What requirements must the solution meet? What is an absolute no go?

In this phase it is important that you properly describe the specifications of your product and company on your website. Explain what you are doing, how you are doing it, who you are doing this with, what you have already done, etc.


In the last phase, a potential customer looks for a supplier or a selection of suppliers. Then the offline sales process begins. Keep in mind that in many cases 57% of the sales process is already completed before a customer contacts. So a customer often wants to have answered all of the above questions before he / she contacts. That is why it is so important to put the right content on your website.

In the final stage it is important to convince. What are your results? How soon can you help? What do current customers think of your company? Do you have any certifications? Are there guarantees? Do you come across as sympathetic and reliable?


Website design and development services from Digital Ananth. More than 20 years of experience developing websites and photographing products for e-commerce websites.

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