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Reach decision-makers who have never heard of your brand in an accessible and measurable way through B2B advertising.

By advertising online you make your company known to the target group. This way of B2B advertising is often much more effective than advertising on offline advertising channels, because you can control who sees your ad and how much budget you have for it. You can really focus on the DMU that your organization does not yet know.

Want to achieve more reach and more with online advertising in B2B? Both SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and SMA (Social Media Advertising) are increasingly finding their way into B2B environments.


When the latent pain becomes active, 92% of B2B decision makers actively search online for more information about the problem the organization has. 60% of the first part of the buying phase takes place without the intervention of a sales person. In addition, an average of 5 articles from the winning party are read. As a sales professional you currently have little influence on the prospect. Advertising on Google can help to influence the prospects. This can be done by advertising on the keywords that are often used in the orientation phase.


LinkedIn is important in the B2B network. The social media channel is perfect for building relationships with your target group as an organization or as an individual. This is possible by sharing knowledge, posting relevant content or, for example, advertising the white paper you have written. You can then approach the leads that you generate through the whitepaper on a personal level. B2B organizations can find a target group there that is otherwise difficult to target. For example, target an industry, business, title or even employees of a company.


Advantages of online B2B advertising.

What concrete advantages does online B2B advertising have compared to other forms of advertising?

You can adjust your ad at any time, so that you can apply even more focus.
You can decide for yourself who sees your ad.
You have direct insight into the leads and website visitors that your advertisement generates.
You pay per click, does the ad run well? Turn up the volume to bring in even more leads!

Data helps you win .
The advantage of online advertising is that as a B2B marketer you are behind the buttons of your advertisement. Do you have a keyword that fits better? Focus on this! Is the ad not relevant enough for the target audience? Then adjust the ad!

A good way to understand your target audience is to use AB testing. In addition to visibility and leads, your online advertisement provides very relevant data. As a B2B marketer, you can immediately convert this data into insights and conclusions that you can implement in current and new campaigns.

All actions around your ad are measurable. How often the ad was clicked, how often the ad was shown, what the user did on your website after the click and much more. This way, as a B2B marketer, you keep total control and you know exactly what every euro has been spent on.

Targeted B2B advertising .
As a B2B marketer you only want to approach the people you can directly classify as prospects. Fortunately, the providers of online advertising help you with the selection. There are many different selection criteria that you can use to crystallize your target group as best as possible. For example, you can use profile information, user information, remarketing or keywords.

You can decide for yourself what you want to spend as a B2B marketer for each online B2B advertising channel. For example, you can advertise with Google ads and Facebook ads for 5 dollars per day. With LinkedIn it is at least 10 dollars per day. This way you can easily keep control of the costs.

Digital marriage


Is the average CTR of an ad that is in the first position of google search engine results.
Of the search engine market belongs to Google.
O B2B customers use Linkedin in their buying decision.
Of B2B companies have acquired customers with LinkedIn paid ads.
LinkedIn has a conversion rate of 2.74% (visitor to lead). Facebook has a ratio of only 0.77% and Twitter takes the cake with 0.69%.

Attract B2B Audiences with Google Ads

Take the advantage of paid advertising.

To reach and ‘grab’ B2B audiences with Google Ads, you need to understand how long this process takes or can take. With B2B marketing, you want to show up at every stage of the decision-making process, so that the decision ultimately falls on your product or service. More than is the case with B2C, B2B advertising requires a long-term strategy.

Your goal is not to generate a single sale, but to build a relationship. Ultimately, you want the customer to stand out better with your product or service. You must first convince the B2B target group that it will be more successful with your product or service.

When designing your Google Ads strategy, keep the following in mind:
A significant part of the B2B buying processes starts with an online search ;
Before the B2B customer comes into contact with your website, he has carried out an average of 12 different online searches.

How can you respond to this with your B2B marketing strategy?
A common part of the mix is ​​SEO . By aligning the content of your website, both in the foreground and background, as best as possible to your target and target group, you can indeed capture some of the online searches. Yet SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is an indispensable part of your online B2B marketing strategy.

With Google Ads,
you can capture the target audience at every stage of the decision-making process, from the orientation phase to the quote and decision round. You can tailor the ad message precisely to each of these phases. With smart advertising you can significantly increase the conversion of your online activities.

You may recognize the struggle when you use Google Ads for a B2B company. If you want to use relevant keywords, they are often close to the conversion, then you often pay a high CPC. As a result, you often go for broad keywords, which ultimately results in irrelevant clicks from consumers that you don’t really want to attract. B2B targeting has always been a big challenge within online marketing, but with the arrival of new target groups, these times seem to be over. Measure Google’s B2B search audiences. With this you target your target group quickly and effectively!

Are you already using Google Ads for B2B marketing?
If your business is targeting other businesses, search advertising can be a valuable part of your B2B marketing strategy. Google’s total revenue from online advertising was $146 billion in 2020. A large part of this turnover comes from B2B campaigns. If you read that the ROI on Google Ads is estimated at 200% on average, so that every dollar invested yields two dollars in turnover, then that is no surprise. Also keep in mind that this average is formed by all successful and less successful campaigns together, including extreme highs and lows .

Do you want the success rate of your B2B campaigns and stay ahead of your competition?
I am happy to help you with your B2B google ads strategy and execution.

Advertising on Facebook not suitable for B2B?

‘There are only consumers on Facebook’, a common excuse not to use Facebook as a B2B advertising channel. Is this assumption correct or is Facebook interesting for organizations with business customers? .

Business customers are people too!
People work in B2B organizations. People with Facebook accounts. It’s not like they’re on standby after 5am waiting for 9am again. They are also online in the evening. They look at houses on Funda, listen to music and look jealously at the holiday photos of the neighbors on social media. In between, they review the past working day with their partner and think about planning for the next day. Even if you do business with the largest organizations in the world, or your average customer has completed more university degrees than you knew existed. Ultimately, your customers are always people.

Facebook makes profiles of billions of people
Worldwide Facebook has 2.23 billion monthly active accounts, in India there are more than 230 million registered accounts. This means that Facebook collects data from 230 million people in India. I do not venture into the ethical side of the story, but stick to the facts. The fact that Facebook has profiles of 230 million Indian people offers a unique opportunity to advertise very specifically to your target group.

Audience Network
Although the number of active users on Facebook is decreasing, the database of audience remains extremely valuable. The fact that your customers may no longer be active on Facebook frequently is not a reason to skip this advertising channel. Facebook also offers the possibility to advertise outside Facebook, the so-called ‘Audience Network’. Facebook shows your advertisements on third-party websites.

How does Facebook Audience Network advertising work?
Select who will see your ad. This can be done on the basis of all kinds of characteristics such as age, job title, interests and place of residence. You can also exclude certain characteristics (for example, if you do want to reach entrepreneurs, but not freelancers). You then select on which type of web pages your ad will or will not be shown. For example, on web pages of trade journals, but not on web pages with erotic content or where politically sensitive topics are discussed. This way you reach the right person, even if someone is not active on Facebook every day.

Measure, know and improve
Facebook is of course not always the solution to reach your target group. Sometimes a different online/offline channel works better. In any case, take Facebook as an option. Try it, measure it, improve it and then draw your conclusions.

Do you want to try your success on Facebook advertising?
I am happy to help you. Such as coming up with your approach and your message. You can also contact Digital Ananth for the creation of your advertisement and the implementation of your (online) campaigns.


Don't waste your marketing budget, let me set up a successful campaign for you.

For B2B, the challenge lies in the right targeting. This is no different with online advertising. Online advertising never stands alone, but with the right strategy you realize better leads and more brand awareness among the right people .

I am happy to discuss the options for B2B advertising with you. I listen and think along, without any obligation of course.


LinkedIn is known for its high engagement rate.

LinkedIn can be of great value to your business. This social media platform is not only useful for recruiting new candidates, it can also help improve the online visibility of your company. LinkedIn Ads allows you to address the right target group and bring your company to the attention of people who work in a certain sector or who have certain skills.

Why choose LinkedIn Ads?
LinkedIn is probably not the first social media platform you think of. Nevertheless, this channel has a lot of potential for online marketing activities. LinkedIn has 450 million members worldwide. This number is still growing every day. So you reach a large audience when you choose to place an ad on LinkedIn. In addition, advertising on LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to advertise in a very targeted manner. For example, do you want to address people who work in a specific industry? Then LinkedIn is the perfect website to advertise on!

Before you put an advertisement online, it is important to draw up a clear strategy. This way you will achieve good results in the long term instead of in the short term. During a meeting I can map out together what your objectives are. This can be, for example, to increase the brand awareness of your company, or to get more followers on LinkedIn. Based on your wishes and goals, I will formulate a strategy and create effective advertisements. You can choose to sponsor organic content or create new content. This content will only be visible on the campaign page. It is also recommended to add an image to your ad. People click through about twenty percent more often when a post contains an image.

Smart B2B ads has high conversion rate. which is good news for B2B companies. Are you already advertising on LinkedIn?

Choose your target audience
LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to very specifically choose the target group(s) for your ad campaigns. For example, select based on company, education, age, field of study, number of years of experience… You immediately see how large your target group is with the characteristics that you choose.

Perfect B2B platform
Although LinkedIn with its 82 million Indian users lags behind Facebook with its 230 million Indian users, LinkedIn has a very clear perk: LinkedIn is the platform for B2B advertising. Do you focus on companies and business relationships with your products or services?

High conversion rate
What makes LinkedIn a very interesting advertising platform: the conversion rate from visitor to lead on the platform is high at 2.74%. That’s a lot higher than Twitter and Facebook’s visitor-to-lead conversion rates (0.69% and 0.77%), respectively.

That’s why you choose to advertise on LinkedIn
If you want to reach B2B customers, LinkedIn is your ideal platform.

Running email campaigns without email addresses: do you want to send personal emails to people, but don’t have email addresses and don’t want to invest time and resources to collect them? Via LinkedIn you can send personal messages with which you address everyone in your self-selected target group by name. Running an email campaign has never been easier than on LinkedIn.

More and more daily users and popular in India: LinkedIn is on the rise. The number of users in India has increased again in 2022, but especially the increase in the number of daily users of the site is significant with 118 million in 2022. India is second highest country for LinkedIn anyway.

High involvement: on LinkedIn, visitors are active in business. They are expanding their network, coming to gain knowledge about their field or working on their career in a different way. This basic attitude means that they are much less passive than, for example, the Facebook visitor who scrolls through the posts of his friends during the break. It is not for nothing that the conversion rate from visitor to lead on LinkedIn is so high compared to other online platforms.


Everything about LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn is the largest business online network in the world. It is a social media platform where professionals come into contact with each other.

Does your target audience consist of business professionals?
Then LinkedIn should certainly not be missing in your online marketing strategy! Create campaigns on LinkedIn, reach your target group and achieve the campaign objectives you have set!

Easy! Go to linkedin.com and click join now. Enter your personal information, such as your name, telephone number and email address.

You will also be asked for the country where you live. And because LinkedIn is a business network, it will also ask for your most recent job title, the company you work for and the industry in which your position falls. By industry you indicate what you do.

For example, are you a logistics employee in a hospital? Then you choose the ‘logistics’ industry instead of healthcare.

In addition, also enter the reason for using LinkedIn. This way you will receive notifications that are relevant to you. Do you want to stand out? Then a professional profile picture should certainly not be missing. After entering your details, the basis of your LinkedIn profile is created.

Use LinkedIn to tell us what your company stands for. Creating a company page is essential here. Creating your own page is easy.

On your LinkedIn homepage, navigate to the ‘work’ icon. Then click on ‘create company page’. You can then choose the type of page you want to create. Is your organization and small company, medium or large company, a showcase page or an educational institution? After choosing the page type, you will be asked for the details of the organization. Fill in this information and click on ‘create page’. Then the real work begins: you can start building the page. This is made easy by so-called action cards.

Action cards indicate incomplete page sections. Items that include action cards are: company size, logo, hashtags and website URL. Have you completed an action card? Then the ‘meter’ on LinkedIn rises. The meter indicates the progress of the company page and disappears when all action cards are completed.

Advertising on LinkedIn starts with determining the right target group. Who is the target group, where is the target group and what are the needs of the target group?

After you have properly mapped out the target group, you set the campaign objectives. You can choose from goals such as brand awareness, generate more leads or a higher conversion. Different ad formats can be chosen for different campaign objectives, such as Sponsored Content, Text Ads, Dynamic ads or Lead Gen Forms.

You decide which format best suits your campaign objective! The handy Campaign Manager tool takes you step by step through the preparation of the campaign. Anyone can do it! This is LinkedIn advertising in a nutshell.

Before you start preparing an advertisement, it is important to have a few things in mind. Determine what your goal is with the campaign, which target group you want to reach, how you want to get the attention of the target group and what the campaign may cost. Do you have all this clearly mapped out? Then you can start creating campaigns.

It starts in Campaign Manager . This is where you can create, manage and improve ads. Give your campaign a name in Campaign Manager, provide a clear structure and keep an overview if multiple campaigns are running. Then determine the objective of the campaign. You can choose from multiple campaign objectives based on the traditional customer journey: awareness, consideration, and conversion. Do you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve with the campaigns? Then it’s time to choose the target audience.

It is important that the target group in LinkedIn is described as specifically as possible. And this is possible! The target options on LinkedIn are very broad. Filter by company, demographics, education, experience and interests. The more specifically you use the target options, the better you reach your target group and the greater the chance that you will achieve your goals!

The next step is to choose the right ad format . LinkedIn offers nine different types of ads, including the choice of a single image, a carousel, or a video. Choose from the format that best fits the message you want to convey. Also think about how much your LinkedIn campaign can cost and when and for how long you want to place the campaign.

Do you have a clear plan in mind? Then the creative work begins: setting up the advertisement. First of all, give your ad a clear name and fill in the ad details carefully. Post an image or video that matches what you want to convey. Grab attention by keeping the headline and ad text short and sweet. Are you referring to a landing page? Then make sure that the URL is relevant and has a clear parameter, so that you can measure the campaign results in Google Analytics.

In addition, add a clear call-to-action and increase engagement. Are you satisfied with the advertisement you have drawn up? Then it’s time to create it! In Campaign Manager you can manage and optimize your ad where necessary.

Many companies in B2B do not know exactly what they are doing. Marketing and the associated use of social media are still too often seen as something that the secretary can do on the side. With all the negative consequences that entails. To have real success in social media, it is important that someone with knowledge is involved in this.

Running a good campaign starts with addressing the right target group. In LinkedIn it is possible to set your target group very specifically. Thanks to the extensive target options in LinkedIn, you don’t shoot with hail, but with sharp.

First of all, start by setting the location where the target group is located. Check the correct locations or exclude locations. You can then set specific target options. In LinkedIn it is possible to target by company, demographics, education, experience and interests.

If you segment by company, you can choose from the options: company size, company name, industries, connections with the company, staff growth of the company and the followers of your page. In demographic data you can choose from the gender and age of the target group. You can also reach people who have followed a specific course or, for example, students who have chosen a specific study option at a specific school.

Then we have the experience option. Here you can choose from, among other things, the number of years of experience, the job titles and the skills that this person possesses.

The last option is segmentation based on interests. Users may be interested in, for example, finance and economics or in marketing and advertising. What makes segmenting in LinkedIn even better? Not only can you set these options to reach a target audience, but you can also exclude users based on the options mentioned. Reaching your ultimate target group then becomes even more efficient and effective!

Use the target options in LinkedIn as much as possible. They are there for a reason! Create powerful campaigns on LinkedIn and reach the right audience. LinkedIn advertising is the way to reach your business target group!

Many companies in B2B do not know exactly what they are doing. Marketing and the associated use of social media are still too often seen as something that the secretary can do on the side. With all the negative consequences that entails. To have real success in social media, it is important that someone with knowledge is involved in this.

The price you pay for campaigns on LinkedIn depends on your campaign objective . Suppose you have chosen the goal ‘website visits’, then costs are only incurred when a user links to your website. Have you set a different campaign objective? Then other costs apply to you.

The costs of advertising on LinkedIn vary widely. With one ad you can pay $3 per click and with the other $7,-. What is the reason behind this? Goal-based pricing.

An amount will only be charged when that event – ​​appropriate to your goal – takes place. So what are you paying for? The billable event.

Many companies in B2B do not know exactly what they are doing. Marketing and the associated use of social media are still too often seen as something that the secretary can do on the side. With all the negative consequences that entails. To have real success in social media, it is important that someone with knowledge is involved in this.

That’s me: Digital Ananth. A rebel in marketing and sales. I conquer the online marketing world with an unconventional plan. Through my method, I ensure a continuous flow of customers to your organization. Extraordinary online marketing that gives your organization an unfair advantage over the competition.

I help your business grow online!
LinkedIn advertising is one of the components that you can use to grow your business online. At Digital Ananth I always think from the bigger picture, what is the dot on the horizon for your company?


This is how I successfully set up your LinkedIn campaigns

Set up advertising account

To distribute ads on LinkedIn, you need a LinkedIn ad account. If it isn’t there yet, I will set it up for you. The same goes for your business page that must be there if you want to advertise on this platform. I link this to the advertising account.

Choose campaign target

What do you want people to do after clicking your ad? You can choose between website traffic, interaction, video views, lead generation, website conversion and applicants. I mainly choose based on the buying phase the target audience is in: awareness phase, consideration phase or decision phase.

Choosing your target audience

When choosing a target group, the more specific, the more relevant the advertisements and therefore the ROI are. I divide the target group as far as necessary. For example, this could be a combination of job title, interests and demographic factors. You can even target employees of a company.

Advertising Format

Based on the target audience, the ad and the goal, I choose a suitable ad format. An image ad is no better than carousel. Each type of ad has its unique characteristics. I choose the format that best fits your ad and campaign goal.

Budget & Testing

I spend the budget you reserve for LinkedIn wisely. I never go all-in for one or a variety of ads or target audiences. I spend a small portion of the budget to test what works. Do I find out that, for example, a certain target group does not give the intended result? Then I adjust that, after which there is still enough budget left.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is optional, but hugely valuable to your business. You gain insight into which actions people take on your website after clicking on a LinkedIn ad. So I always recommend setting this up. Don’t worry, I will take care of that for you!

Create Ads

When creating the actual advertisements, I always use high-quality visual material if applicable. The CTA (for example: download your ebook for free) must be catchy to increase the click-through rate (CTR). Your value for your target group radiates that in your advertisements. I never bet on one horse, but test multiple ads.


Is my LinkedIn campaign successful? I analyze the results in the LinkedIn campaign manager. I determine in advance the objective that is in line with your business objectives. Because I know where I want to go, it is easy to see whether I am on track, whether I need to adjust and whether I have run a successful campaign afterwards.


Where you could still get away with ads that are more creative than professional on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the LinkedIn user is critical. Although LinkedIn has recently become more informal (for example, I see ‘you’ giving way to ‘you’), the LinkedIn user is still looking for quality, depth and essential information. To address your audience in a targeted and professional manner through LinkedIn advertising , outsourcing LinkedIn marketing is therefore not a bad idea.

Do you mainly focus on generating valuable leads? Then you can't ignore LinkedIn. Digital Ananth is your LinkedIn advertising consultant. Let me know how do you want to start.


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