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B2B customers buy with the aim of improving their business processes: making products and services faster, cheaper and with fewer errors. That is not to say that B2B Marketing should be completely emotionless. At companies you also have to deal with people who have fears, desires and needs. You should only be able to link those feelings back to those – mainly – financial benefits. If a brand is less known, it can compensate for that novelty with social proof.

Meeting the needs of stakeholders

Your target audience is not just the customer. Various stakeholders are looking for information. B2B marketing ensures that you can achieve commercial success for your company and thus keep your stakeholders happy.

Representing your business optimally

You want to present yourself as an international partner, but also as a quality brand, a socially responsible organization and an interesting investment. I turn your website into the business card that represents your online business.

Get the recipe on how to disrupt and optimize your B2B marketing

Creating endless opportunities in the B2B landscape

The big challenge in B2B compared to B2C marketing is the much longer decision making process.

For business does not make impulse purchases.

Every single purchase is carefully considered and prior to the purchase, the various competing solutions are examined in detail, just as the possibilities of adapting the solution to the individual company are examined in more detail.

Therefore, the entire decision-making process and sales time from the first initial contact and to the sale is finally closed much longer. At the same time, it is also much more resource-intensive, as every single lead must be looked after and nurtured throughout the decision-making process – and a single mistake or a forgotten follow-up can throw months of work right out the window.

✓ Reach more targeted buyers

✓ Reach new markets

✓ Grow your business

✓ Win over your competitors

✓ Global Marketing Reach


Directors argue that marketing contributes insufficiently to achieving growth objectives
Reduction in lead costs for online marketing vs offline marketing
Of the companies that use online marketing is growing
B2B purchasing decisions are based on direct or indirect customer experience and not on price or offer.
Today's B2B sales process takes 22% more time than 5 years ago.

B2B Marketing for trade and manufacturing industry

Marketing approach focused on decision making units

The purpose of B2B Marketing for B2B companies – such as Distributors , Wholesalers or Manufacturing companies – is to sell your products or services. B2B Marketing helps to reach your customer and to convince him of your proposition. An essential difference between marketing for B2B companies and B2C companies is the importance of the relationship. Buying processes are simply more complicated for companies than for consumers. The expectation that a product will appear on your B2B Website immediately purchased is not always realistic. Companies conduct extensive research and attach importance to the long term. B2B Marketing companies must respond smartly to this, for example by creating an accessible way to generate leads. How do you do that? With a combination of different B2B marketing strategies you will achieve the highest return!

B2B Marketing is therefore fundamentally different from B2C marketing. In Business-to-Consumer you often only have to deal with one decision maker: the consumer himself. In the business environment, on the other hand, several people are involved who make the purchase decision: the Decision Making Unit, or DMU. This includes people with different roles, such as stakeholders and decision makers. That is why in B2B Marketing it is very important to create buyer personas for each of these roles.

Core Components of B2B Marketing

Often Skipped

Where many companies expect that this covers B2B marketing, an important step is skipped. You still want to convert your visitor into a lead. If the visitor shows his interest, and leaves his data, this can be the beginning of the relationship. To do this, you use strategic calls-to-actions (CTAs) . The orienting visitor will not immediately request a quote, but may be interested in a newsletter or whitepaper. Visitors reading about your products may already be further along in their buying process and want to download a product datasheet or request a quote. It is the mission of marketing to offer these people the right help at the right times. That makes B2B Marketing the key to online success .

I see more and more Enterprising Entrepreneurs and Marketing Managers who believe in a target group-oriented approach, in which the wishes of the target group are central. This is reflected in the popularity of Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing . After all, they want to achieve as much result as possible, but not at the expense of a negative image or a frustrated prospect or customer. More and more companies are also showing that they are Thought Leaders within their field and are therefore a serious discussion partner for their target groups; that’s B2B Marketing.

Would you like to know more about B2B Marketing or are you curious about what we can do for your company in this area? Please contact me.

Distinctive B2B Digital Marketing Approach.

Use my knowledge, know-how and capacity and generate more business!

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Strategy

Of course I first want to get to know your company well. Where is your added value? Who is your target audience? And what are your ambitions? These are a number of questions that I want to get a good picture of in this first phase.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Action Plan

After the strategy phase, there is insight into the gap that can be closed in order to close the ambitions with the help of online marketing. The plan of approach provides insight into how this can be achieved operationally.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

3. Execution

With the plan of approach in hand, I form a project group with people from your company, supplemented by me. With this team we work in a structured and project-based way towards the end goal.

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

4. Analyze

During the process, I will analyze the new data that arises and use it to make adjustments where necessary. I visualize the interim results with clear reports.


What I offer for driving leads to loyal customers.


With result-oriented B2B strategies I ensure more conversions, traffic, leads, sales and of course growth in turnover for my customers.

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Lead generation is increasingly seen as the first step of digital marketing before moving seamlessly into digital commerce and customer experience. And finally in customer loyalty and retention.

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) stands for the most targeted approach possible: personalized marketing to one company or organization.

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The key to success is a multi-channel and multi-format content marketing approach. Voice-driven content will also become an important part of an effective content marketing strategy.

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Who seeks, finds. Find your potential customers. I ensure that your potential customers will find you with the right message. I create targeted campaigns and create targeted web traffic that leads to conversions.

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Reach decision-makers who have never heard of your brand in an accessible and measurable way through B2B advertising.

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A B2B brand should support making a well-considered investment. Your corporate identity and the brand architecture must be aligned with your solutions and reflect the value you have to offer.

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Get your marketing landscape

Being a marketer for a B2B company brings great challenges. You have to understand many different specialisms and you have to manage yourself in the continuously changing world of Online Marketing. You could use some advice and support with that. We can work together with this. On to great results!

Do you want to know how B2B Online Marketing can contribute to achieving your business objectives, please contact me.


Generate qualitative leads using online marketing.

Questions that are often asked by business-to-business companies, but to which there is often no answer. Online marketing and, more specifically, lead generation for this market is really complex. But more important than ever! Do you not only want leads, but also more brand awareness? For example, because you are active in a market where long-term contracts are concluded and you never know exactly when potential customers will make a purchase? Together let’s realize your greatest ambitions.

The Challenges of Online B2B Marketing

lead generation
Many different channels
Reaching the right decision makers
Focus on expertise and authenticity

All about online B2B marketing

Lead generation transcends channels and demands a lot from the organization itself when it comes to knowledge and input. What do I mean by that? The time when companies say that they are the best and thus bring in all their customers is really over. “Seeing is believing”, is the motto. As a company you have to show the back of your tongue and demonstrate that you are the expert in a field and why. Do you want to get started with such a smart thought leadership strategy to generate inbound leads?

It doesn’t stop at just writing valuable content. Because first, visitors must be drawn to your website through advertisements and associated optimization. Address a recognizable problem to your potential customers in such an advertisement and offer additional information by referring to your site. If you do this well and convince them that you have the right expertise in-house, there is a good chance that the leads will flow in quickly.

In the business market, knowing your potential customers through and through is the foundation of successful lead generation. Can’t get this done? Unfortunately peanut butter, but then you’re going to miss the point. Because a personalized message for a specific segmented target group is the only thing that really works these days. So what should you think about? Strong email marketing, for example, because more than ever in the B2B business it’s about the relationship rather than just the transaction. Don’t have a database yet? Don’t panic, because with online media the targeting options are so specific and detailed today that we reach your target group in no time and can grow the database.

Online lead generation is a collaboration between you as an organization and your online marketing partner (hopefully me!). I map out where your target group is, their online behavior and what information needs this potential customer has at a specific point in the orientation process. I then ensure, not only, but together with you, that the target group actually visits the website. Perhaps through a combination of email, search, and social marketing. The target? Provide the customer with the right information at every point in the orientation process.

I don’t tell you that you are the best, but let the customer come to that conclusion for themselves. Such a strategy not only produces qualitative leads, it is also a very sustainable and future-proof concept! Digital Ananth has devised a B2B lead generation model for this, which forms the guideline for providing the right information at the right time step by step. Got curious?


While B2B Marketing was once a one-sided thing, social media platforms now offer all kinds of opportunities for targeted bilateral interaction. In addition, companies are now in a much better position to make efficient, data-driven decisions about who to approach and how best to do it.

Increases your company's exposure

B2B Marketing provides more exposure of a company online and helps to increase brand awareness. It also creates more trust with customers by providing a platform where they can interact with customer service. The way you interact with and respond to customers on social media can also help to properly showcase your business online.

Attracts New Customers

When you use B2B Marketing actively and in the right way, you will find new customers who were not aware of your products until then. New customers will try your product and when they like it, they will continue to use it and tell their friends about it too.

Ensures product optimization

Through B2B Marketing, a company can interact with its customers. Customers can voice concerns about a product if they don’t like it or make suggestions on how a company can improve it. Through the interaction of customers with the company during B2B Marketing, a company can improve its products.

Increases Sales & Leads

B2B Marketing increases the number of (new) customers of your company, which increases your turnover. By using B2B Marketing effectively, you can tell your customers what your company is selling. B2B Marketing helps you to recommend products and services to your customers depending on their needs and eventually they buy your products.

Identify New Opportunities

B2B Marketing helps a company identify new opportunities by solving customer problems or meeting their needs. When you interact with customers through B2B Marketing, you gain insight into their challenges and see how you can provide solutions. That way, your company can find new opportunities and develop powerful products with better features that customers will be willing to buy.

Improves Return on Investment

B2B Marketing provides deeper insights as better reporting and actionable data is collected from customers. The data can be used to improve products and service, which can lead to a better return on investment.

Forward-thinking B2B companies continue to find innovative ways to leverage social media, CRM and lead generation tactics for more growth. Get started today to incorporate these new capabilities into your B2B Marketing Plan! Need support in drawing up your B2B Marketing Strategy?



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