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An E-commerce marketer is an online marketer with a lot of extras. Extra knowledge and experience, extra sense of commerce, extra tools to work with, extra insights from data …. in short, E-commerce marketing is the Xtra variant of Online marketing. Customers do not only have to be approached online, they also have to sell. And to achieve that, you have to pull out a lot more than Social media, inbound marketing or storytelling.

✓ Increase e-Commerce sales
✓ One firmly affiliated local e-Commerce specialist
✓ Google certified professional
✓ Complete e-Commerce marketing

✓ Organic & paid marketing
✓ End to end campaign management
✓ Get low cost per acquisition
✓ Data driven marketing

e-Commerce marketing for better sales & ROI!

Marketing with Focus on Results

Marketing is something that is underestimated by many online merchants. It’s not something you do once and then don’t have to worry about it again. You have to be constantly working on it if you want to achieve the best results.
Moreover, marketing is a profession that is subject to change. Times and people change and how you approach these people also changes. A logical place to promote your online store is of course online. But don’t forget the offline promotion of your e-commerce. Here are some great opportunities for you as an online entrepreneur.

Are you ready for the next step?

Sometimes you just can’t figure it out on your own. And sometimes you can manage on your own, but you just know that you will get ahead with professional guidance.

Whether you are just starting out or have been running an online store for some time: I know exactly which buttons you need to turn to accelerate your growth. And that acceleration, I grant you.

I believe that anyone who has the courage to start their own online store deserves to shine. To pop! And to get a nice amount in the bank account every month.

Do you want the knowledge, skills and mindset that will prepare you for the absolute top online store?

I have them ready for you: in different ‘flavors’ for online merchants in different stages of their journey as an entrepreneur:

✓ Increase traffic to the website

✓ Increase number of orders

✓ Increase the revenue

✓ Increase new customers

✓ Increase ROAS

✓ Increase your customers ratios


percent of the information we take in is visual
Texts with images get more views than texts without images
Of people respond better to visual information than text alone
Of eCommerce traffic comes from Google
The average conversion rate for eCommerce websites is 2.86%

Ecommerce Strategy Isn’t Just About Online Marketing

Marketing approach focused on market & customers

An E-commerce strategy is a step-by-step plan for an e-commerce company that ultimately achieves the set goals. In addition to marketing, this strategy also includes distribution, sales, customer service, technology, communication. In most cases, this means that an E-commerce strategy must have a plan in place to find new customers, retain existing customers and with which the position relative to the competitors develops as favorably as possible.

A good E-commerce strategy provides direction, guidance and clarity for board, management, employees and external agencies.

Digital Ananth helps companies and teams to draw up a professional E-commerce strategy, in which the various pillars are worked out in a roadmap. With my E-commerce Roadmap you can more easily involve teams and specialists in their role in the growth of the online channel.

As a manager or board of directors, do you also need an E-commerce strategy with a roadmap to grow your company or team in a targeted manner? Do you need a temporary E-commerce advisor at home? Or would you rather come up with a good plan together with your own team thanks to e-commerce and sessions? Ask me about the possibilities. I love to help and inspire!

Digital marriage

e-Commerce marketing expert who drives your customers search to sales.

As a e-Commerce you need to position yourself well in the e-commerce market. Are you actually in the right place? I determine the current positioning of your brand . I do this in 4 stages.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Research

To be successful online, you need to have a complete picture of your own goals and the behavior of your target audience. Without this insight, online marketing is shooting without seeing a target. Good research related to the objective is therefore essential. Each survey focuses on a specific part of the customer process, whether it concerns the orientation phase or the performance of the competitor, I provide the right insight.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Strategy

After the objectives have been clearly stated and insight into the target group has been obtained, it is time for the next step. Applying a smart strategy. In the strategy I will describe how i am going to achieve the objectives. I look for opportunities that are already there or a method to create them. The strategy ends with me in a very clear marketing planning. I will show what I am going to do & what can be expected.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

3. Optimization

A plan has to be better than the possible bumps you encounter. I always strive for this. However, the online world is one where you can’t always look very far into the future. Competition may increase, Google may change tack, & there is an unbelievably large amount of variables. My marketing methods are on top of this. In this way I are able to optimize e-commerce like no other. Turn the right knobs every time to achieve the maximum result together.

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

4. Maintenance

A website or e-commerce site from Digital Ananth is an excellent basis for online marketing. However, the online world is constantly changing. This can affect the online marketing opportunities. To maintain optimal results, it is necessary to structurally monitor the online marketing performance. I have developed a number of modules for this that do exactly this. An accessible way to focus on the result.


Surpass your digital commerce success.

Do you want to achieve more visitors to your e-commerce and more turnover? Then it is time for the next step: online marketing for ecommerce. Digital Ananth is an experienced online marketing consultant with e-commerce specialization who has a lot of experience with starting ecommerce and ecommerce that are ready for the next step. Do you have growth ambition?


Behind every successful ecommerce is a passionate shop manager

It may be clear. The retailer’s eternal accusation ‘a ecommerce is unfair competition’ is based on a major misunderstanding. Making a ecommerce successful requires at least as much specialist knowledge and investments as a brick store.

Precisely because such specific knowledge is required, an online retailer sometimes really needs specialist advice and experience. Then it’s good to know that Digital Ananth is there for them. I listen to the question, find out a cause and come up with advice or a direct solution.

Are you looking for someone to temporarily ‘look after the store’ or a good WordPress specialist who will adjust your shop exactly as you envision? Digital Ananth provides advice & services.

Temporary e-Commerce management
Leave, illness or huge crowds. We temporarily take over the management of the e-Commerce.

SEO improvement plan
Too few organic visitors? Digital Ananth draws up an SEO improvement plan for every budget.

Content production
Outsource content? I write SEO texts, edit photos and deliver perfect blog updates.

WooCommerce shop adjustments
Extension, plug in or deep modification. Talk to me.

Digital Commerce with Digital Ananth

e-Commerce has shaken up the retail world quite a bit in recent years. Is your strategy ready for the new consumer needs? I am happy to help you with an adequate growth strategy, new products and smarter processes.

Digital Ananth’s e-Commerce marketing strategists translate online data from your e-commerce and offline data from your physical stores into strategies to better reach your target group in measurable results.

Complete support is provided related to implementation of e-Commerce platforms (web shops), PIM and data management systems (CDP/DMP, ESB/ETL), fully integrated with CRM, ERP, WMS and tools that provide a seamless and personalized customer experience.

Marketplaces have become an integral part of our daily lives. Take advantage of the advance of marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart and others.

If you have a website, I take care of introducing the official Google Maps map within your website, so that it will directly relate the location of your Google My Business listing and your website. You will be more relevant at a local level and you will position yourself better.

I create stories that move people to make a purchase in your shop through text, graphics, videos, animation, photography.

My e-Commerce expertise will help you boost your performance from search and advertising to social commerce and conversational marketing

Data. The engine of every commerce player. I take you further with the help of data & insights, not only to analyze behavior, but even by predicting it.


There are plenty of full service e-commerce agencies that can take care of everything for their customers. However, this often lacks an underlying strategy. As an experienced e-Commerce marketing consultant, I know that the right order in webshop promotion makes all the difference. I am bit stubborn about this, but my years of experience has proven that it works. How do I do that? I first ensure more turnover and more sales, by directly looking for people who are looking for exactly the unique service or product that you offer. By analyzing their behavior I get to know them better, and I then apply that knowledge in other online marketing resources. With the right keywords via Google Ads and SEO, I show the right message to potential customers. This produces measurable results on which I can build. I then work through Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Remarketing, Social Media Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Marketing and Content Marketing to increase the value per customer. The right combination ultimately leads to more customers.

e-Commerce with Google Ads

Paid high in Google

Online advertising in search engines such as Google ( SEA ) is often used to promote a e-Commerce because it is a strong online marketing tool. This will show you above the organic (unpaid) search results. It is a good way to find out which products or services score well in your online store. Your ad will only be shown to people who enter a specific search query that matches your e-Commerce. You can also decide for yourself which message you communicate and when. That way you send the right ad, to the right target group, at the right time. There are different types of advertising, such as search ads, Google Shopping, re-marketing, display ads, and more.

The advantage of e-commerce Google Ads is that you can approach your target group in a very targeted manner. In addition, you are immediately visible and you have immediate results. You determine your budget yourself and you can adjust it monthly. In addition, you only pay with clicks. Good to know: I am a google certified professional, I can therefore provide you with appropriate e-commerce marketing advice.

e-Commerce with Google SEO

Unpaid high in Google

With e-Commerce SEO , also called search engine optimization, you ensure that you get higher in Google unpaid. A better position in Google ensures more potential customers who can find your e-Commerce for certain keywords. Search engine optimization consists of several components, including on-page and technical optimization. With on-page optimization we focus on the textual and visual content of your e-Commerce. A good product display and specific product information (what is it suitable for, material, dimensions, etc.) is important. With technical optimization I work at the back of the website. Think of speed, navigation structure and technique. A good foundation is important for this. WooCommerce I see as an SEO friendly e-Commerce system with which the best results can be achieved.

Compared to SEA, SEO e-Commerce will not generate revenue growth in the short term. With search engine optimization you build on organic findability, which in the long term will ensure a better ratio between your marketing costs and turnover. E-commerce SEO is becoming more and more complex, but I know how to deal with heavy e-commerce platforms like woocommerce and aware of the latest developments.

e-Commerce Copywriting

Telling What You Sell

Well-written texts are a must for your online store. A beautifully designed e-Commerce is not enough. e-Commerce copywriting is about writing texts that are interesting for your visitors and the search engines. Think of information on your homepage, product descriptions and call to action buttons. Good texts ensure a higher involvement of your target group and they encourage action. A ‘must have this’ feeling is created, as it were. Moreover, good content will help you rank higher in the search engines. To do this, I search for the right keywords, headers and elements.

Based on an analysis, I look at what you as a web retailer need at a particular moment. When texts need to be rewritten or new texts added, I will prepare instructions for this. Of course you can also outsource it completely to me. I ensure that your passion is translated into a successful and unique story.

Conversion Optimization

Improve Sales

A e-Commerce site with visitors is not enough. To increase sales, visitors must be converted into customers. This requires e-Commerce optimization, so that the threshold for visitors to make a purchase is as low as possible.

The higher the number of conversions compared to the number of visitors, the higher your conversion rate. That percentage gets a boost when I get started with conversion optimization (CRO). This method is especially effective in combination with SEA and SEO e-Commerce. More visitors mean that you can measure more quickly whether your CRO efforts are effective. I gain insight into this data with web analytics (including Google Analytics, Mouse and click tracking). I learn from this so that I can apply e-Commerce optimization even better.

e-Commerce Content Marketing

Show you are an expert

You can’t simply tell potential customers that you sell the best and most beautiful products. They want to feel that you understand them and that they have come to the right place. Content marketing can help you with this, creating value for visitors. If you consistently and consistently distribute relevant content, visitors will see you as an authority.

Content is necessary for e-Commerce optimization. Content ensures that your e-Commerce can be found, it provides information, it can encourage potential customers to make a purchase and reviews can be written. Improving your e-Commerce is only possible if everything is in line with each other. This requires a content strategy and I am happy to help you with that!

e-Commerce Link Building

Improving Online Reputation

With link building you get links from external websites to your e-Commerce. The more relevant websites refer to your online store, the more SEO value you get from Google. It’s even better if those websites have a good reputation. Google likes to see a natural link building profile. Therefore, make sure that your e-Commerce has value for visitors, because that way you add something to the internet. There is a greater chance that people will automatically link to your e-Commerce. You create value, for example, by good product descriptions and sharing instructional videos.

Before you get started with link building, Determine the keywords on which you want to score, the pages that go with them and think about which websites are interesting to be placed on. I am happy to help you with link building.

e-Commerce Re-marketing

Don’t Be Forgotten

With re-marketing , also called retargeting, you encourage people to make a purchase when they have visited your e-Commerce before. With text and image ads on external websites you remind them of your shop which can lead to more conversions. This can be at product level (displaying a specific viewed product) or corporate level (bringing visitors back to your e-Commerce in general).

Although it is a very effective tool and the costs are low, I only use this channel when everything is in line with each other. First, it must be clear which message is being communicated. This way I can get the most out of this marketing tool.

e-Commerce Display Advertising

Reach the target audience

With display advertising you make online advertising by means of text and/or visual banners on websites that your target group visits. This channel is ideal if, for example, you want to increase the brand awareness of your e-Commerce or if you want to promote a special offer. It is also possible to target by location, which makes this channel very interesting for local companies.

A big advantage is that you can measure display advertising properly. For example, look at the number of views, who clicked on the ad and whether there was a conversion. I use this data to further optimize. Again, it is important that the objective and message are clear beforehand.

e-Commerce Social Media Marketing

Reach the target audience on social

Research shows that about 15% of consumers use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to buy products and services. So make sure you are present on different social media channels. I recommend that you start with social media marketing (advertising) once the rest of your online marketing is in place, especially SEA and SEO. This channel does not provide directly measurable results, but is aimed at interactivity. A well-thought-out social media strategy can focus on creating brand awareness through advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

You can also use it to set up promotions by giving away discount codes.



Grow rich by building trust and loyalty with your audience. Increase engagement and Increase ROI.
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