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“SEO is a complicated mix of content, technology and link building. An experienced specialist ensures that he coordinates the strategy in such a way that your website achieves optimal results in Google and really stands out.”

✓ Achieve a good ranking on Google
✓ One firmly affiliated SEO specialist
✓ No cost per click
✓ Positions achieved have a permanent character

✓ More organic visits through high positions
✓ More conversions through convincing positions
✓ Competitor analysis
✓ Brand awareness through visibility in Google creates trust

Therefore, you need one


Every entrepreneur with ambition needs a solid SEO strategy to become more visible in the organic results of a search engine. Prevent you from missing out on potential customers and conversions and have a tailor-made SEO strategy developed by the SEO specialist at DigitalAnanth!

What is an SEO strategy?
It sounds very simple: rank higher in search engines. And every entrepreneur dreams of the coveted free spot at the top of Google. But usually this doesn’t happen just like that and certainly not by luck. Years ago it was enough to repeat one important keyword a lot in a short text. But nowadays it takes a lot more knowledge and content to achieve the desired results. It requires a solid SEO strategy.

✓ Increased traffic to your website.

✓ More exposures to potential customers.

✓ Especially good at getting new visitors.

✓ More sales and inquiries.

✓ No payment for ad dollars.

✓ 0 spend per click.


of all online activities start with a search engine.
of searchers never click past the first page of results.
of users completely ignore paid advertisements.
of mobile search traffic is generated on Google.
91,144 Google searches take place every second.

The right tailor-made SEO plan

By developing an SEO plan of approach , it becomes clear which points for improvement with the greatest impact on organic findability can be tackled first. The goal of this action plan is to make the website rank for the right keywords in the organic results of search engines. These are the search terms that potential visitors use to search for your products/services and that match your products/services page on the website. The great thing about SEO is that there are no extra costs when high positions are achieved in the search results, unlike SEA. With a strong SEO plan you will lead more relevant visitors to the website every day without extra costs.

A good strategy is unique and fits perfectly with the objectives that you as an ambitious entrepreneur have in mind. In addition, an SEO plan must be tailor-made for your website. After all, no website is the same and with every website there are other major opportunities that can be capitalized on. By engaging specialists who have the right knowledge and experience, you can be sure that you will receive the right SEO plan that fits perfectly with you and your website/webshop. These specialists delve into your website and discuss with you which goals and matters are most important to you. In addition, they delve into your target group and see which search terms they use when they search for your products and/or services, which serves as input for the SEO texts.

Digital marriage

SEO specialist who creates profit for you

I take all the responsibility so you can concentrate on what you are best at. With me, you do not have to be proactive and grab me all the time. I have a sharply planned plan that ensures you the best result - as soon as possible. SEO Approach Process.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Analysis

Before our initial dialogue, I’d have done a basic keyword analysis . After our interview, I’ll make a more thorough analysis based on insights I have gained through the interview.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Execution

Once I have had the initial dialogue, I begin the execution of the strategy. This is where I make sure to optimize both your website, your texts and ensure good links from other sites.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

3. Optimization

I continuously optimize your page, keywords and do ongoing analysis that gives me an insight into new opportunities. That way, I make sure that your competitors do not suddenly overtake you.

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

4. Reporting

I perform a monthly evaluation of the SEO efforts that you receive. In addition, I am also available for an in-depth dialogue. That way, you always agree on how it goes & be in sync.

Why is an SEO strategy important?

What I see happening a lot is that most entrepreneurs start writing a lot of content themselves, but after a few months find out that they are not yet easy to find. On the one hand they lack a plan and on the other hand they lack knowledge. If you do not know exactly which keywords and/or phrases are important and what is searched for a lot, it is difficult for you to rank at the top of Google for these specific searches.

You will not achieve your goal without an SEO strategy

It makes perfect sense that you would like to be at the top of Google. A good position in a search engine ensures more website visitors and therefore more leads and more buying customers. In addition, a certain degree of authority appears from a high display in the search results and this makes it easier to win the trust of your customers.

In addition, Search Engine Optimization is a free way to continue marketing and work on your visibility, with the aim of gaining more customers. It doesn’t cost any money to get first place in Google. (In addition to paying an SEO expert .) Almost all other ways to get in the picture with your target group are paid, such as advertising in Google or on social media.

But without an SEO strategy you will not manage to rank high organically in Google. You need to know exactly what you are doing and why. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the desired result will not be forthcoming or you will even receive a penalty from Google.

You need rock solid content

Once it is clear which words and sentences are important, most people succeed in writing good content for them. But then it may still be the case that some keywords are insufficiently applied, so that other websites gain in authority.

It is also important not to lose sight of the reader. After all, you still write for the visitor and only then for the search engine. In this way you are more concerned with the added value of the text and that is also something that search engines find important.

In other words, it is a real art to write readable content on the one hand and to process the important keywords in the right amount and in the right place on the other. You are constantly looking for a happy medium.

You need technical knowledge

Other aspects within an SEO strategy are all about expertise. It’s really about techniques. For example, I will check whether the technical side of your website is correct and whether the search engines have no trouble reading and indexing all the content on your website.

There are various ways to find out whether Google finds your website interesting enough and whether it meets all technical aspects. But these automatic reports also use a lot of technical jargon. It is therefore not surprising if you do not understand exactly what needs to be adjusted. An SEO expert is working on this every day and will arrange it for you in no time.

You need external websites

In addition, not all important factors are within your reach. Search engines also value evidence from others. They would like to see other websites also redirect to your website. On the one hand, this is a matter of authority and on the other hand, it can also generate more website traffic. Also with this part it is very important that you know what you are doing and on which sites you have links placed.

What are the components of a sound SEO strategy?

Now that you know that an SEO strategy is extremely important, you naturally want to know what the components of a solid SEO strategy are.

I have already touched on the various components within a strategy for SEO a few times, but I will explain them a little further. A solid SEO strategy is mainly about content, technology and link building.

When I talk about content, it concerns all written texts and images on your website. In our content research, I do extensive research on the important keywords. In our keyword research I mainly focus on keywords within a niche . These are words that are usually slightly less searched for, but which also have less competition. In other words: small steps with big gains.

I think it is very important to look at low hanging fruit. Think of keywords with which your website ranks between position 4 and 25. With a few minor adjustments, I can easily get your website in the top 3, top 5 or top 10 search results. This way you as a customer see the results of our cooperation as quickly as possible.

In addition, it is also important to see which keywords are even more relevant. So that I know exactly what I are going to focus on, as soon as the first keywords are scored. SEO is a real long-term investment.

In addition to content, it is extremely important to look at the technology behind the website. Search engines value things like: is a website easy to read on a smartphone? Does the website load quickly? And is it clear to the visitor where he can get the answer to his question? All important things to keep in mind.

In our research, I look at hundreds of technical factors that influence your ranking in the search engine. Then our experts will get to work solving all the problems, so that it is no longer a problem for search engines to read and index your website. Nothing stands in the way of the findability of your website anymore.

Link building
If everything is right, the content and the technology, then it is time to work on structure within the website and gain authority through other websites. Search engines are like people, they also like to receive references. Our team will work to recruit qualitative backlinks and also to use internal links within your own website.

I focus on looking for websites within your niche. With this I ensure that on the one hand the authority of your website is increased and on the other hand links on relevant website can also ensure more traffic to your website. But basically backlinks provide more reliability around the content on your website.

However, this is not a matter of simply getting links from other websites. It also has everything to do with conducting a competitor analysis. In order to rank higher in the search engine, you will have to beat those who are now in the places above you. In our analysis I look at how much authority your competitors’ websites have and from this I can draw a conclusion about how many backlinks I need within your website and important pages.

The ‘problem’ with link building is that it used to be a lot of abuse. As a result, search engines such as Google have set up extra rules and are keeping an eye out to nip abuse around link building in the bud. It is therefore important to use so-called ‘white hat’ backlinks and various solid link building strategies. In all other cases, Google will penalize your website, which will only make you less findable.

Succeed in SEO with an experienced specialist

Unfortunately you can’t always be the best. You stay the best until someone is better than you. Your competitors will do everything they can to take your place.Let’s Talk on how to be on top in search results.

What do I do after the SEO strategy?

SEO strategy for assured success

When the SEO strategy has been successfully applied, there is good content on the website, the site is technically correct and backlinks have been recruited for more link authority . With the result? More website traffic and better search engine results. And then?

Search Engine Optimization is a constantly ongoing process. There will always be new competition and new terms will be searched by your potential customers. And in addition, a search engine such as Google sometimes changes their rules. This means that it is important to always keep an eye on SEO. Moreover, you often only see the greatest result in the long term.

However, you can constantly optimize and search for new relevant keywords. But another important factor is that the SEO strategy will also bring you customers.

In other words, the website traffic must be converted into leads (addresses and telephone numbers of potential customers) or buying customers. I think it is important to help you with this and have various strategies ready for after the implementation of an SEO strategy. With these techniques I ensure that the conversion rate goes up by only making a few simple changes.

DigitalAnanth is a specialized SEO consultant who knows better than anyone how a thorough SEO strategy can be devised, drawn up and implemented. There is no ready-made SEO strategy, but a unique and clear SEO strategy with an eye to the future. This forms an excellent basis for the SEO process, to which this strategy is translated into SEO work. SEO is an umbrella term for a number of different components, each of which is very important to get the very best out of SEO. If you do not have the right knowledge and experience, it is difficult to use all these components successfully.

The SEO specialist is committed to achieving the very best results with the help of SEO on a daily basis. Where other specialists stop, DigitalAnanth continue until the top positions in the organic results have been conquered! Do you want DigitalAnanth to develop a unique SEO strategy for your website/webshop with their striking way? Please contact me and let me inform you about the possibilities!

SEO Strategy Questions

Then you may wonder: what happens if I approach my SEO strategy incorrectly? I can actually be very brief about that. In the worst case scenario, you will not increase your website visitors and authority within the search engines. In most cases, you can also continue to muddle through with content yourself. But it’s not very motivating if you don’t get results. Moreover, SEO takes time anyway, so it is better to be sure that it is done properly and work with a solid SEO strategy.

A well thought-out course is necessary for a more efficient use of your advertising budget. This prevents unnecessary costs, even if you have set a daily budget. If an advertisement does not appeal to the target group and does not match your objective, you will not achieve maximum return. Pricing.

All in all, the main thing is that the page must be really relevant to the keyword that the potential customer types in the search engine. This is only logical, because Google wants to deliver quality to the user, because the use of their search engine then continues to be used. The page will therefore have to be continuously adapted as Google’s metrics and indexing points change. It is therefore a free method to advertise, but building an optimal SEO strategy takes a lot of time. The moment the page ranks highly, the result will be extremely valuable.


Sharp texts

SEO is based on analysis and data. And these are the basis for a good effort. But it is also important to be able to translate sharp numbers into good text. I know exactly how to achieve a perfect union of the two on your specific website.


I have extensive experience in helping business owners advance on Google. I know the techniques behind a good SEO effort inside and out. Therefore, you can also be sure that your website is in complete safe custody and will reach upwards on Google.

A collaboration

I believe that all good work is based on good cooperation. The same is true when it comes to creating a good SEO effort. I know that questions may arise and answer them of course. Because I know it’s nice to be with you all the way.

All industries

SEO is relevant to all industries. Definitely for yours too. I work with a wealth of different business people who work in a number of different industries. And your unique SEO efforts are in safe hands with me.


Optimizing websites for search engines can be broadly classified into three areas: 1) content , 2) link building , and 3) technology . These three components jointly determine how a website is rated by search engines. Explore the below sections to know more about my SEO services.

Website SEO Audit & Scan

In addition to an extensive SEO audit , it is also possible to perform a technical SEO audit. I specifically focus on all matters that are important for the technical SEO optimization of your website. An SEO audit can help identify any areas for improvement for your website’s search engine optimization.

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SEO Planning and Strategy

Outsourcing SEO starts with a strong strategy. The right strategy is essential for search engine optimization (SEO). To be able to work in a targeted manner, you need to know which keywords the focus is on for your website.

Read More

Digital PR & Link Building

Link building is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Without qualitative and relevant backlinks (references from external websites), your website lacks the authority to rank high in Google.

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SEO Management & Migration

Once the foundation is in place. You know where the points for improvement lie, where your competition is winning, but also what your strong points are. So time to get started with SEO management & migration from DigitalAnanth!

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