The Essence of Healthcare Marketing Strategy


The essence of strategy : this is how you make a difference in the healthcare market! A lot is said and written about strategy. Rightly so, because strategy is more important than ever to ensure the organization’s right to exist. Think of the major problems and the sometimes years-long search for a good strategy by […]

Successful healthcare marketing revolves around vision and action The healthcare sector has changed considerably in recent years and that requires healthcare organizations to take a different course with more market orientation, entrepreneurship and agility. But the implementation of health care marketing turns out to be more difficult than expected. It’s about vision and action. Difficult […]

The healthcare organization of the future The healthcare organization of the future has an external view and is extremely market and customer driven. They are strategically agile, work customer-driven, take the lead in networking and cooperation and form a platform for customers, employees and stakeholders, making smart use of new technological possibilities. Below we lift […]

The healthcare marketing challenge consists of 8 steps As healthcare marketing professionals, we notice that more and more administrators in the healthcare sector are of the opinion that marketing is badly needed. Investing in marketing means investing in the future, in the existence of your organization and in the added value you provide to all […]

Best Healthcare Marketing Practices to Grow Your Practice and Engage with Patients In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, marketing has become an essential aspect of growing your practice and effectively engaging with patients. With the right strategies and practices in place, healthcare professionals can not only reach a wider audience but also establish strong relationships […]

Why Is Marketing Important In Healthcare: In today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, marketing has emerged as a vital component for organizations seeking to thrive and make a positive impact. While the concept of marketing may seem unfamiliar in the realm of healthcare, its significance cannot be overlooked. This article explores why marketing is crucial in healthcare, […]

The Dark Side of Healthcare Marketing: Revealing Failures and Misleading Promises In the world of healthcare marketing, there is a darker side that often goes unseen. Behind the glossy campaigns and persuasive messages, there are failures and false hopes that need to be exposed. While healthcare marketing plays a crucial role in promoting services and […]

The Failures That Plague Healthcare Marketing The failures that plague healthcare marketing are not isolated incidents but rather systemic issues that require a closer examination. One common failure lies in the lack of comprehensive market research and analysis. Without a deep understanding of the target audience, their needs, and the competitive landscape, healthcare marketing strategies […]

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