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With local SEO you ensure that your company becomes easier to find online in your immediate environment. I ensure that more customers find their way to your business.

✓ Increase localized search results
✓ One firmly affiliated local SEO specialist
✓ Google certified professional
✓ Google search first visibility

✓ Supported 400+ businesses locally
✓ Hit exactly your local audience
✓ Increase footfalls to your local store or business
✓ Get Detailed reports & insights

Local SEO – Beyond online phone directory and more!

Driving search to sales locally

With Google Business Profile, telephone directories have become a thing of the past. That’s why it’s important to keep your Google Business Profile up to date! It is also easy to list your company online and it is free! In addition to a telephone number, you can immediately show products and/or services here and you can click through directly to the website.

Listing improves visibility in Google Maps for local search results. If you get a lot of reviews via Google Business Profile, it helps a lot to get higher positions.

If your business is listed online, users in your area will see it as soon as they perform a search related to it.

The biggest advantage of local SEO is that Google immediately shows a ‘call me button’ in the local search results on mobile phones!

Want to become the local ruler of local SEO results in your industry? Then make an appointment immediately with Digital Ananth .

✓ Bring in more revenue with your company

✓ Receive more calls and requests

✓ Drive your customers through google maps

✓ Let your customers choose you instead of your competitor

✓ Get more instantly converting leads

✓ Increase in business revenue with local visibility


of all searches are local intent
of businesses are Google My Business hasn't claimed yet.
of mobile users buy offline.
Increase of ``near me`` or ``close by`` type searches increased in 2 years.
One in three searches on the mobile phone takes place right before the store is visited.

Boost your local search results with Digital Ananth.

I do all the work for you

Great experience position web pages of local services

I have a great track record when it comes to positioning local businesses on Google. I know how the Google algorithm works to position local services thanks to the experience of my Local SEO marketing and the large number of managed projects. More than 400 local business supported.

If you want to position your website to appear first when you search for ‘service’ + ‘location’, such as: «electricians Bangalore», «lawyers Mumbai», «dentist Chennai»… Ask about my success stories and you will see how I achieve results for businesses similar to yours.

I have a predefined roadmap for Local SEO strategies, therefore, I include each and every one of the local web positioning factors. I prioritize the most fundamental issues such as content creation, optimization of meta tags, correction of technical errors… and I finish with less important issues but that can be definitive to put you in the first positions such as the management of publications in your Google My Business file, the generation of local citations, etc.

Request a free Local SEO consultation now!

Digital marriage

Google My Business specialist who drives your customers local search to sales.

An important link in making your company findable locally. I will make sure your Google My Business Page is completely up-to-date and contains all the necessary information. As a result, you will be shown more often in the search results.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Research

I first look at which keywords are important for your business. I want to know whether they have a local intention. For this i have the tools to see if Google displays a Local-3-Pack or a Google My Business panel. Ultimately, I determine together which keywords are interesting for the Local SEO strategy.
Together I discuss the objectives & when this is clear, I set up the strategy to make your company even more visible locally.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Optimization

Google My Business is indispensable in a Local SEO strategy. I analyze whether the correct information has been implemented, whether information or features are still missing and optimize the listing.

‘Regular SEO’ still plays an important role in Local SEO. That is why I do an extensive SEO audit in which I shortlist the action points with the highest priorities for Local SEO.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

3. Citations

Local links are one of Google’s most important ranking factors. A good link or mention (Citations) can be of decisive value to rank on local keywords. I know exactly which links & listings you already have. In addition, I will of course help you find and obtain the right local links & listings.

Relevant & good reviews are also extremely important in Local SEO.

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

4. Analysis

I strongly believe that collaboration leads to the best results. I am happy to share the progress of your local findability with you by means of reports. Local SEO is tailor-made & there will always be action points that are ongoing. Google is also not sitting still & continues to develop in the field of Local. That is why new actions & results are constantly being created that I would like to discuss with you.


Trust professionals with great demonstrable results

I am a Local SEO professional specialized in positioning local companies in Google. my experience and know-how allow us to ensure an improvement in the SEO results of your business, making my clients’ businesses grow.


That great unknown with so much potential

My local search engine optimization solution helps companies to be as visible as possible in their own location and the immediate environment.

If you own a local business, you obviously want to take advantage of this. It would be a shame if someone who is looking for a product or service locally cannot find your company. The searcher is not aware of your existence and will buy the product from a competitor who has worked on its local findability.

There are two different forms of local SEO. Namely: the local 3-pack and the local organic results. There are therefore different optimization opportunities per shape. Implementing all of these optimizations will make your business more visible locally in search engines.

In recent years, these search engines have increasingly paid attention to the context in which the search query is placed. One of the most important variables here is the location of the person posting the search. I do this through five important pillars:

Technical search engine optimization
Creation and publishing of valuable content
Increasing your online popularity
User behavior analysis and conversion optimization
Optimal setup of online profiles such as Google My Business

Factors that influence the positioning of your local business

I locate the searches made by users of services related to your business in which Google shows the map. These are the keywords for which I will optimize the tab.

And what is this? Well, it is about registering your file on websites that offer business listings. Google will track them and find your listing, so it will be considered more relevant than your competition.

An extensive description, with keywords and with relevant semantic weight for the user is key for Google to position you. Also the the category selection has to be relevant with all attributes stitched properly.

It is a type of code marking so that Google understands what type of business you are, where you are located, what your services are, etc. It is essential when positioning your website for local searches.

If you have a website, I take care of introducing the official Google Maps map within your website, so that it will directly relate the location of your Google My Business listing and your website. You will be more relevant at a local level and you will position yourself better.

Service optimization helps your brand position itself for much more specific service searches than usual.

It’s important for Google to see that your listing is popular with users, that they interact with you, and that you interact with them. I will be pending to respond quickly to all users.

For Google to understand your name, address and contact telephone number is not as easy as people think. There must be consistency in the form and content of this information in all the places where it is published: social networks, directories, websites.

If you are in a competitive sector, posting weekly on your Google My Business listing will help increase your relevance and Google will end up positioning you better.


Local SEO : How does it work for your local business.

Testimonials and reviews

Testimonials create trust and provide your page with valuable, relevant and unique content. In addition, it can be an advantage from a local SEO point of view if these reviews are provided with structured data format . Google often shows yellow stars as rich snippets with your search result. This will make your company stand out even more.

Create Trust

In addition to testimonials and reviews, there are other signals with which the website can create trust with the potential customers and with the search engines.

Ensure to provide proper terms and conditions related to your products or services so that customers are well informed about their adoption of their options.


Mention on the page which guarantees you offer your customers. This reassures customers about the possible investment they are going to make. Think of things like:

Return Policy
Not good, money back guarantee
100% satisfaction guarantee
Approvals and certifications

Associations and Membership

If your company is part of a well-known association in the industry, please share it on the website. Be sure to share your company’s memberships in that location. This shows customers that your company is involved in the industry.

News and Mentions

Has your business ever been featured in a local newspaper, online magazine, or blog post in that location? Mention and refer to news articles that mention your company on the landing page.

Contact information

Make sure the location’s contact information is visible on the page.
How can people connect with you?
Add all phone numbers
Add all email addresses
Display current opening hours
List all payment options


Does your company participate in local events? You may be at a market in the summer with your products or at a Christmas market in the winter to sell your stuff. Then share as much information as possible about these events on the page. Think about:

Opening hours
Your location
Information about the event
Link to the event website

Sponsorship and community

Is your company involved in the local community in some way? Then this is perfect content to put on the place page.

Is your company active in local community activities?
Are you sponsoring a local team or event?

Community Volunteering
Sharing information about these activities shows your commitment to the local community. Also mention why you think it is important that your company contributes!

Videos and Photos

With only textual content on your website, it is difficult to make visitors feel an emotional connection with your company. Adding photos to the text makes the page more personal and quickly gives an idea of ​​what the page is about. Choose your own photos over stock photos. It can be a photo of your team, a photo of a job in the relevant location or a photo of an event where your company is located.

Videos are also becoming more common. Make sure to convey your thoughts in videos.



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