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Are you tired of your competitors running with customers? With Google Ads, you can make sure that potential customers spot you first.

✓ One dedicated specialist
✓ Best ROAS
✓ Tracking and analysis
✓ Monthly reporting

✓ End to End campaign management
✓ Search, Display & shopping Ads
✓ One stop marketing solutions
✓ No unforeseen bills

Be sure of a top spot when your customers google

The world’s largest search engine can get you new customers

You probably know it yourself: Before you buy something, do a Google search to see if there is a cheaper price or a better supplier. In order to secure its sales, it is the alpha and omega for a company to have a high ranking on Google.

Exactly what ensures you the high ranking is my core competence. With the help of technical analyzes and relevant tools, I ensure that you achieve a top position when your potential customers apply for you or your services.

Surveys have shown that 85 percent of all consumers search online before making a purchase. A high ranking on Google is therefore crucial so that it is not your competitor who runs with the customer.

I make sure to prepare a keyword analysis so that I have insight into what your potential customers are searching for. Then I talk to you about what budget is needed for you to be the first your customers fall over.

✓ Get instant results.

✓ Generate more leads.

✓ Low cost per acquisition.

✓ Complete control over budget.

✓ Geographically diverse reach.

✓ Target your ads to potential audience.

✓ Drive more traffic to your landing page.

Google Ads Specialist tailored to you

You pay per click, and therefore it can quickly become really expensive if you pay for a lot of irrelevant clicks.

Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a Google Ads specialist who has all the necessary experience to take on your ads. I make sure you get highly relevant clicks into your website from day one the ads are set up.

Not only that, I also customize the subscription to suit you. I offer both to handle everything from A to Z if you wish, but i also happy to be your sparring partner and right hand man.

Digital marriage



Google Ads can, along with the various online tools; SEO and Facebook Ads work together to increase the visibility of your website.


It is more scalable and effective than the traditional marketing methods, and it can all be measured and optimized based on data at the same time.


Get highly relevant and ready-to-buy customers directly to your most important pages. It could, for example, be directly in to read about specific products.


You pay per click, but if you pay enough and make the right ads, you get to the top of Google at a good price, compared to what you get in return.


Google Ads is a really good tool for getting new leads looking for your service / product.


Everything can be analyzed and optimized down to the smallest detail – I of course make sure that the tracking is set up correctly so that all data can be used.

Google Ads specialist who generates leads for you

I take all the responsibility so you can concentrate on what you are best at. With me, you do not have to be proactive and grab me all the time. I have a sharply planned plan that ensures you the best result - as soon as possible.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Analysis

Before our initial dialogue, I’d have done a basic keyword analysis & budget estimates. After our interview, I’ll make a more thorough analysis of your business & audiences based on insights I have gained through the interview.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Execution

Once I have had the initial dialogue, I begin the execution of the strategy. This is where I make sure to set the campaigns in the right order & relevance and ensure quality leads are generated at low cost per acquisition.

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

3. Reporting

I perform a monthly evaluation of the Google advertising efforts that you receive from me. In addition, I am also available for an in-depth dialogue. That way, you always agree on how it goes & be in sync with the flow.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

4. Optimization

I continuously optimize your campaigns, ads and do ongoing keyword analysis that gives me an insight into new opportunities. That way, I make sure that your ads are not shown for irrelevant search terms and audiences.

This is how I work to create returns for you

I make sure you do not have to think about anything – and I operate with full transparency.

With me, there are no unforeseen expenses or secret figures. Once you have entered into a marketing agreement with me, you can always check if i am doing my job properly.

I collect and review your results in close and constructive dialogue with you every month. This means that you are always provided with a chrome overview of how effective your ads and campaigns are, as well as where potential could be screwed.

I am proactive in planning your campaigns, and at the same time I am also reactive with a focus on creating the best possible starting point for your business.

I can guarantee this because the flexibility of the ads and campaigns is so high that from day to day you can go in and adjust your budgets and target again.

✓ First and foremost, I review your page and do a technical analysis so I am well dressed.

✓ I take a thorough start-up interview, where I become wiser about your business and your wishes.

✓ Based on the start-up interview, I organize the course so that you have an overview of what to expect.

✓ I shall set up your ad account, tracking and ads so you can start getting more customers and inquiries.

✓ Each month, you will receive a comprehensive report focusing on the return your ads have generated.

Succeed instantly with an Google Ads specialist

With several years of experience, I have gained a broad knowledge of the digital forms of advertising via Google and social media. Let’s talk about how together we can get your business off the ramp in the digital world.

More relevant clicks and more inquiries

I help both you who need to get started – but also you who already have advertising, but who do not experience satisfactory results.

Maybe Google Ads is a brand new medium for you, or maybe you get a lot of irrelevant clicks that have nothing to do with your performance / product? In that case, of course, your visitors will not buy anything even if they have clicked on your ad. It’s a waste of money.

Therefore, I always make sure to keep an eye on your keywords to see if the visitors who land on your page are actually relevant to you as well. Everything is based on a set strategy, which I either put together with you in the beginning, or which I make and then present to you.

Depending on the services or products you sell, there are a number of different options with Google Ads. I will all talk about this much more in our introductory conversation.

Get an insight into some of the possibilities:

If you have a webshop, you can hardly avoid using Google Shopping. Here, your products are shown at the very top of the search results with both image, price and direct link to the product.

Google Shopping is your fast track to success if you have a sharp price on your products.

Through Google Ads, there is, among other things, the opportunity to advertise on Youtube. Both before, during and after relevant videos.

Audiences use Youtube to a great extent to become wiser on professional topics, to have fun or to be updated on the latest knowledge. By advertising here, you can ensure that you are shown every time a potential customer sees a video that is relevant to your products.

You may know it yourself: When you have visited a page and looked at, for example, a pair of shoes, you see exactly that pair of shoes every time you read news online, for example.

This type of advertising is called Display Ads, and it helps maintain the interest of your visitors and reminds them of the product.

A buying process typically starts with a potential customer doing a Google search. This is especially true if customers know what they are looking for.

With my support, you can be at the top of the search results when your potential customers search for you.

The thing about shooting with shotguns is not just me. Therefore, I take advantage of all opportunities to collect data – subsequently i adjust and optimize, of course, on the basis of that data.



Grow rich by building trust and loyalty with your audience. Increase engagement and Increase ROI.
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