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Content marketing for B2B business

Content remains ‘King’. Content marketing continues to be a reliable, powerful way to attract new customers and build relationships in B2B.

According to a survey by Content Writers, 61% of companies publish multiple pieces of content per week. About 89% of them stated that they obtained better quality leads through content marketing compared to other tactics they had used.

Even now it is still important to be found by your target groups. To achieve that and rise above the noise, strong content is essential. Premium content that your target audience can find on their preferred channel and format they like. After all, 80% of buyers say they switch between online search and video when searching for products and services.

Content marketing is, in short, about creating relevant content about your business, products or services. The goal is to attract your primary target audience and meet its search intent. You attract and retain potential as new customers by answering questions and informing. Customers may conduct an information search before a purchase, where it is important that you through content marketing try to help the customer to make the right decision in the purchase process.

Content marketing creates value in the sense that you, as a company, must share your knowledge and experience to meet the target group. If the user gets a good impression of your company, it helps to strengthen your credibility, which ultimately affects the desire to buy your products or services.

The different ways and methods of content marketing are on-page and off-page.


On page content marketing is simply content that is placed on your own website, as the word suggests. It is very important to optimize this content, so that it can be easily found in Google and other search engines. This way you can attract more relevant visitors to your website. some of the different types of on page content includes meta title, meta description, image alt text and many more.


Off page content marketing is content marketing on other channels, especially on external websites. This preferably concerns websites with a high degree of authority. This brings your website and company to the attention of your target audience. In addition, these external articles are very valuable backlinks to your website. This also has a very positive effect on your findability on Google.

Your content marketing specialist

Do you have the right person to bring a compelling B2B story to the market?

With good and relevant content you can bind customers to your organization. This means that content marketing has a crucial role in every online campaign. Digital Ananth has extensive experience in the field of content marketing. Discover how content marketing works, in which forms it is used and what it yields.

Content marketing encompasses all marketing activities in the field of content that are used to support the communication objectives. This can be anything: texts, images, videos, banners, infographics, newsletters, but also podcasts and influencer marketing are part of the content marketing arsenal. The above content types are expressed through every possible online marketing channel. From SEO to SEA and from social media to websites, blogs and eCommerce. In this way, content forms the proverbial common thread in every online marketing strategy.

In content marketing, it is crucial that the content appeals to the target group(s). A first important step in setting up a content marketing strategy is to define the intended target group. Through content, a connection is made with the target group to entice them to take the (next) step in the marketing funnel.

What does content marketing deliver?

  • When content marketing is used properly, you can attract relevant new customers with it.
  • Content marketing contributes to the findability of your website in search engines.
  • Content marketing ensures more traffic to your website and online channels.
  • With content marketing, you build a strong brand and become a thought leader within your industry.
  • Recipients become ambassadors for your brand.
  • Ultimately, the goal is to generate more sales, but that starts with generating interest and responding to the needs of your target audience.
Digital marriage


Of B2B marketers say “target audience relevance” is the most important factor in effective content marketing.
Of B2B marketers think the quality of the content is more important than the quantity.
Of B2B marketers indicate that articles are the most effective type of content to get prospects through your sales funnel.
Of B2B buyers believe they can make a decision based entirely on online content.
68% of B2B companies use strategic landing pages to generate leads.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Get more leads and loyal customers with the right content strategy.

It can be quite frustrating when it does not spill over with visitors to your website or likes, comments and followers on social media.
This is often due to the fact that your content does not reach the customers or that they do not find the content relevant enough. For this reason, there are a number of digital rules of the game that must be complied with in the work with content marketing. It is therefore a time-consuming discipline that requires a constant focus.

From the cobbler on the corner to everyday word of mouth: everything and everyone is online. Strong content is therefore becoming more important by the minute. Still, enough companies do not use this or miss the point. A shame, because good content makes a difference. If you regularly write relevant content that really helps the visitor, you will be seen as a reliable expert in your field in no time.

The internet is chock full of content. Millions of messages, videos and images are scrolled through every day. How do you, as a brand, still stand out among these mountains of output? It’s actually quite simple: you can only make a difference with good content and a progressive design. Quality is crucial here.

Organizations distinguish themselves by the story they tell. Both in practice and from literature it appears that only through a well-developed brand identity and a strong design people commit themselves to an organization. People choose organizations based on personality: a brand that appeals to and inspires them.

From a strategic masterpiece to a powerful design
As a picture maker, hobbyist, ‘creabea’ or graphic designer you are busy with designs all day long. This is often an important part of your brand’s visual communication. The moment you as a company think: “where is the make-it-better button?!” A designer comes to look around the corner. (Yes, they’re still humans) Visually conveying a message and feeling is what a designer is concerned with. The ideal connection to the strategic piece!

The eye wants something too!
Healthy benefits? Yes, of course! And we’re not talking about a strict diet, but about how a design can strengthen your brand story. This can be done in different shapes and pixels (read: sizes). From sharpening your own house style and brand identity to creating social content, email marketing, web design, white papers and landing pages. We ensure that your brand stands out in the digital Amazon region called: the internet (sometimes you can’t see the forest for all the trees).

With me you will find all expertise under one roof. In this way I design beautiful, fast and effective websites and eCommerce, the foundation is laid for an unambiguous house style, but we also focus on storytelling.

The benefits of content marketing

  • Growth in brand awareness, visitors and conversions.
  • Better online findability.
  • Become an authority in your field.
  • Create brand awareness.
  • Profit from the investment for a long time.

Is your company ready for a major online cleaning or do you need new content ? I seize both challenges with both hands to give your content marketing a mega boost!

How Digital Ananth would help?

B2B Content audit

Your website, different types of presentations, white papers, brochures and datasheets, … there is a lot of sales support material circulating in your company. But to what extent do they consistently substantiate your B2B story and effectively support the sales conversation?

  • I design a customer-oriented and efficient content strategy:
  • I analyze your sales support resources and what additional content is available internally – sometimes only in the minds of the employees.
  • I convert this into compelling, valuable content for potential customers.
  • I look at how you can bring your content to your target group more efficiently by targeting it better and sharing it through different channels.
  • I provide recommendations to reinforce your message. Because with a clear structure and sales pitch you increase the chance of success.

B2B content factory
B2B content is broader than technical datasheets and product slogans. If you want to inspire your customer to make new purchases and to unburden them when using your solution, you have to dig deeper. Beyond silos in your organization, and beyond non-binding chitchat. In order to continue to communicate in an effective and consistent way, it is best to set up a content factory.

I let your content factory render:

  • I start from a good content strategy, tailored to the buyer journey of your customers. We determine the right tone of voice.
  • I add creative angles so you can communicate in a consistent and lasting way.
  • I ensure a continuous flow of useful content thanks to the deployment and involvement of your employees.
  • Digital Ananth is capable of translating difficult technical messages into clarifying white papers, key note and sales presentations, blogs, reference cases, brochures, technical sheets and proof of concepts.

Creative campaigns

Technical information doesn’t have to be boring. A network drawing or a product guide can be surprisingly enlightening in all simplicity. Even sexy, if you will. Moreover, B2B stories can tolerate some emotion and out-of-the-box creativity. Especially when it comes to innovative concepts or purchasing decisions that have a significant impact on the customer’s business. Feel free to surprise us every now and then to highlight your value.

Do you dare to surprise your target group with me?

  • I critically and creatively examine your existing material (manuals, datasheets, etc.), simplify it and place the right emphasis.
  • I develop a graphic style with building blocks that are easy to use on different carriers, from email signature to exhibition stand.
  • I think in terms of campaigns (print and online ads, direct mailings, events, …) and look for surprising ways to put your message in the spotlight.
  • Digital Ananth takes care of the project from A to Z: we determine the concept together, take care of copy, design and production in print, online, (animation) video, events, …


Creative content increases your distinctiveness.

Not sure where to start when it comes to content? Let me do it! Are you going for a complete content marketing strategy or are you looking for someone who purely creates the content? A lot is possible with me.

I am curious about your challenge! I am happy to provide you with advice. Tell me more about your products and services below – I will gladly make a first no-obligation scan.


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The key to success is a multi-channel and multi-format content marketing approach. Voice-driven content will also become an important part of an effective content marketing strategy.

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Take advantage of my knowledge.

In short about content creation.

Creating and distributing relevant and attractive content, precisely tailored to the target group(s). That is content marketing. The aim is to contribute to the dot on the horizon. Be visible or findable? Generate more leads or build a community? It’s all possible in a game of strategy, planning and creativity. A proven model for strategic, well-planned and creative content marketing is the 3H model and we therefore take it as a starting point.

Excuse me, the 3H model?
The 3H model (or hero-hub hygiene model) developed by Google was originally conceived specifically for YouTube content. This approach also turned out to be perfect for hanging a complete content strategy. It is a strong, but practical strategy that focuses on being continuously present with 3 types of content that reinforce each other.

Hero content
1-4 times a year
Creating broad awareness among a large group of people
The first impression of a brand
Humorous, emotional or surprising
Builds up visitor mass in a short time

Hub content
Once a week or month
Trigger to follow the organization
Focus on shared passions
Engagement and audience bonding
Ensures the return of visitors

Hygiene content
Answers to FAQs and Search Questions
SEO knowledge required
Information consumers are looking for themselves
Maintains a stable flow of visitors

Core components of Content marketing

The process: from content strategy to marketing

By nurturing leads, you bind customers to your company and increase the quality of leads. You take care of your leads by continuously offering them added value by captivating and binding them. That is quite difficult if you only have to rely on online or a webshop, but certainly not impossible. Content marketing is an important approach to lead nurturing. Especially in B2B, a buying process is often quite long and marketing has to make a long-term strategy based on that. Moreover, you streamline your marketing and sales and increase turnover and conversion. It has been shown that if you continue to nurture leads in a structural way, you accelerate the sales process. How do you do this? You ensure that your lead learns more about the topics in which you are an expert yourself.thought leader .

When creating a content map , you mirror content ideas to the buyer’s questions, as it were. It is a complete overview of ideas that you can then use to determine marketing campaigns. You then put the selection of ideas that you will use in your marketing mix in a content calendar. In the overview of the content calendar you set dates or deadlines for the rollout of the content during your marketing campaigns. This can be, for example, a quarterly calendar or a 6-month calendar.

When content marketing was introduced as a term in marketing, it was often said that marketers are actually publishers and that we should follow their lead. What does a publisher mainly do? Publish content they know the reader is waiting for. Because it is the core business of a publisher, he cannot afford it any other way. In that sense, the publisher fulfills a good exemplary role. In my opinion, an editorial formula is more about a formula within a certain magazine or website and therefore too narrow a comparison with a content folder. With a content map you visualize the full range of possible content and that is a broader scope.

First of all, you research what your target group needs, which theme, through which medium? Only then do you decide what to make. Keep in mind that some people prefer to read and others may prefer to watch a video. So make sure that there is always something for everyone.

Content marketing is very important for companies, for all companies. If you still don’t pay attention to it, it is guaranteed to cost you customers and sales. A shame, because in the end we all want success. Do you want to get started with content marketing, but not sure how? I am happy to help you. Feel free to contact me without obligation.


In the field of content development, Digital Ananth has several specialities under one roof. That is the big advantage of a full stack marketer: you can purchase all the necessary content from one partner, so that everything is completely coordinated. The result is optimal conversion. Digital Ananth is happy to use these various services for you in the field of content development:

Web texts

Good content is written by professionals who know what scores. For that reason, Digital Ananth can also take care of your web texts. Whatever your field of expertise, I can immerses myself in the subject matter and write appealing texts. The texts of the website should of course have a commercial character, because you want to achieve the highest possible conversion. However, conversion-oriented writing is a profession in its own right.


A picture is worth more than 1,000 words, as the saying goes. Eye track tests support that statement. So it is very important that you use the right photography on the website. Especially in a eCommerce it is essential that you use good photos. Tests show that this achieves more conversion. Digital Ananth is happy to help with that.


Online video has become an integral part of our contemporary media use. A film can also be a welcome addition to the other content for your website. After all, the visitor would like to be handed everything on a silver platter. Rich media such as online video fulfill this wish. You can use film as a promotional tool, but also as a service or instruction. Digital Ananth knows everything about video use on websites in various formats. Make your wishes known and I will arrange it.


In certain cases, animations are an ideal way to, for example, demonstrate the operation of a product. But you can of course also promote your company with a striking animation. If the target group also benefits from this, I am happy to help with the realization of these animations.

Banner and Text Ads

Online advertising can be done in many ways. Among other things, by means of banners and text advertisements. Digital Ananth has been working with this for years and can tell you exactly which things guarantee an optimal conversion. Think of the use of text or the use of animation in banners. I help you further!

Email templates

E-mails and digital newsletters can also be optimised. Digital Ananth is happy to develop email templates for you that are continuously tested for even more conversion. This includes optimization of the spam rate, user-friendliness of the layout and testing on various e-mail programs.

Do you find it difficult to create good content? I am happy to help you! From an extensive content strategy to writing special social media messages: I am happy to convince you with words and images.



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