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The common denominator? Relevance and value creation for the recipient. That’s the way to their heart and loyalty, and that’s what I am passionate about. Should I help you with content marketing?

I just want to dispel a frequent misconception regarding the definition of content. A lot of people mainly associate content production with text production. And that is why many people often fall for equating content marketing with copywriting. That is, text constitution.

Although this confusion is basically wrong – and yet. Text production is an important part of the content marketing discipline. But the discipline is far from limited to textual products. Content must be understood much more broadly and therefore includes everything from video and audio material to image content and much more. And here we are talking both digital and analog content.

Make every piece of content deliver value to your audience.

Tailor make your content for context marketing.

Content marketing is many things. It can be product and category descriptions, educational content in the form of recipes and guides or the good story that stimulates emotions or sense.

Maybe you have a lot of good ideas for the content of another world, but have a hard time structuring it and getting it to take shape. Or maybe you have already produced a large amount of content but lack a strategic foundation that can give it direction and meaning.

It could also be that you are just looking for sparring in relation to how you can best target your content and which media platforms are best suited to distribute it. Whatever your needs are, I can help solve your problems or exploit your potential. I have produced content on everything from honey to hydraulics. No industry or product is too dusty or boring.

✓ Increased brand awareness.

✓ Attention from potential customers.

✓ Value creation for your target audience

✓ Traffic boost for your website and more (hot) leads

✓ More returning and loyal customers

✓ Stronger market positioning and differentiation

✓ Strengthened status as top of mind-brand

Content marketing specialist for customers connection

Content marketing is a flexible lump of modeling wax that can and should be shaped according to the reality of your business.

A collaboration with me in relation to content marketing therefore always starts with a dialogue about your company and your expectations of me and my work. Your content is and should be your child of the heart, which I naturally do my utmost to take care of.

I work with both B2C and B2B content marketing and have extensive experience in servicing a large number of customer groups – everything from communications people, marketers, e-commerce managers, owner managers and large and small companies. Common to all collaborations is that you never work from a fixed template. I plan and adapt our content marketing solutions specifically to your wishes and needs, as the good solution in my opinion is the tailor-made solution.

Without context, working with content marketing has no direction. And without (goal) direction, your content has no or little effect.

Digital marriage



Content marketing helps in greater user engagement and interaction potential.
Businesses and brands will have higher degree of positive publicity among customers, peers and media


IT also helps in increasing the website session time of the users and reduce the bounce rate of your website and fewer dropouts from the site.


It helps the audience in better product & service understanding and use among the target group.


Content marketing enhances simpler and more imaginative buying process
Reduced support time.


Helps in keeping the potential customer well informed about the product or service. This shall Increase conversion rate and potential (more) sales.


From search engine point of view this helps in better ranking in search results. As bots and humans love content.

How content marketing can pull audience to your business

Let’s understand what content marketing is.

What is content marketing? Content means content. And marketing means marketing. One does not exist without the other. Therefore, the most important task of marketers is to create some content that describes the product and in the long run creates some leads that will hopefully be converted into sales. It calls for a content marketing strategy, which is a concrete plan for the content that should market a product.

If you do not have a plan that supports your business and your KPIs, base your content marketing on gut feelings. I have a strategy for all our marketing channels so that they play together and create value for each other.

There is a clear synergy between, for example, newsletters, blog posts and PR work, as these are different initiatives that support each other and help to promote our messages.

The most common content categories

✓ Blog posts

✓ Inspiration, support and knowledge articles

✓ Manuals and catalogs.

✓ Infographics and illustrations

✓ Posters and banners

Content thus has innumerable faces – and thus also different shapes, formats and purposes.

Engage your audience with an content marketing specialist

Content marketing requires love, fat and coordination – all of which I am fortunately capable of delivering. Do you want to hear more about what good content can do for your business? I am just two clicks away.

Content marketing is a goodiebag

Content marketing is not a one-time show.

Content marketing does not have to consist of a chrome-plated plan. As long as you keep track of why you make two blog posts a month and what they should create of value. What else is the point of making them? I have a holistic approach to all this content marketing. Whether it is inbound marketing or outbound marketing. It should help to make me the communication specialist you go to when you want to become wiser about how to write and market yourself online.

Content marketing is thus a marketing tool that with the right management can influence your potential customers throughout the customer journey. It will push them forward in the purchase-related maturation process. Ranging from being foreign users to becoming loyal brand ambassadors who advocate for your business.

Content is context:

There are many attitudes about what content marketing is – and just as much about what it is not. For webshop owners, a high priority is typically category and product descriptions. Conversely, companies that offer services rather than a physical product will typically focus on information and professional content in the form of articles, blog or guest posts.

And there is a really good reason for that. Content is context. Of course, we have some fixed rules of the game that apply to most people. However, there is no “one size fits all” solution. It is at one and the same time the charm and headache of content marketing. How you behave depends on many things; your target audience, your industry and your product / service are just a handful.

contact me today for a non-committal talk, and let’s create content that moves.



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