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Account Based Marketing (ABM) has taken off in B2B online marketing in recent years . I expect that Account Based Marketing will increase even more due to the deployment and growth of personalization software across digital channels (such as AB testing, Liquid Content , Remarketing, B2B marketing automation , etc.). In addition, more and more companies see their own website and online campaigns as the basis for leads and transactions.

With Account Based Marketing (ABM) you turn the B2B marketing funnel around. Instead of executing broad marketing campaigns and waiting for inbound leads, with ABM you create outbound marketing campaigns aimed at specific organizations (‘accounts’). The right stakeholders within these organizations receive personalized messages, via multiple channels (LinkedIn, Email, Display, Landing pages, Offline). All channels and touchpoints are synchronized with ABM into a coherent campaign. ABM is ideal for B2B organizations with longer sales processes, where multiple stakeholders are involved.

The third method of customer acquisition is account-based marketing, also known as ABM. This method is not aimed at the masses, but at smaller potential customer groups. With this method it is therefore possible that each potential customer is approached individually and personally. The IP addresses of the other companies are used here, so that the companies can be addressed individually. Usually dynamic websites are used for this, which automatically adapt to the customer and the characteristics. Two base foundations are very much required for your ABM kickstart.


ABM can therefore yield a lot for your company. However, to be able to use it successfully, it is very important that you ensure that Sales and Marketing are aligned. Both departments should make quality more important than quantity. For example, it is not important how large the customer base is, but how good the relationship is with each individual customer. The better the relationship, the more valuable every interaction you have with the customer.


Thanks to personalized advertising, you know who your targets are, up to and including their name and job title. Create a few different posts for different personas within one account. Keep it relevant to the person’s position or area of ​​responsibility. You wouldn’t talk to a VP of marketing the same way you would an HR director, so why show him the same ad?

ABM It’s all about closing mega deals

Personalized outbound sales and marketing. To scale.

With account-based marketing, I first of all start with the identification of accounts. I look for customers with a good match with your product or service. The level of customer value is important here. I make a list of accounts where the DMU is mapped. Of course, I would also look at other influencers in the process so I can expand this list. With LinkedIn, for example, you can find out who the employees of a company are, but also which job titles you want to appeal to.

Personalizing communication is the most important in account-based marketing. We have a better chance if the message and tone-of-voice match the prospect. That is why I am setting up a campaign plan in which I can approach every member of the DMU with a ‘multiple fronts’ approach.

With Account Based Marketing you can fill in campaigns as broadly or as narrowly as you want. If your product has a high order value (> 100K), it is desirable to execute your ABM campaigns in a focused and hyper-personalized manner – towards 10 to 100 accounts. If the order value is smaller, then it is desirable to run campaigns towards a broader group of accounts, slightly personalised.

Digital Ananth advises B2B organizations in choosing the campaign size and the degree of personalization. I do this from multiple disciplines in which channel, content and martech brains work together with your sales and marketing employees. The end result: an ABM campaign that puts your business on a decisive lead.

Digital marriage


Of marketers believe, ABM has a higher Return On Investment (ROI) than other marketing activities.
Of marketers report using ABM in 2021.
Of the companies I analyze are missing out on sales.
Of website visitors never reveal their name, meaning 98% of the engagements you create are lost opportunities.
85% Of marketers measuring the ROI of their sales efforts report that ABM delivers higher returns than any other marketing approach.

Performance oriented ABM solutions.

How does Digital Ananth help your organisation with Account Based Marketing?

I always carry out our ABM projects in a multidisciplinary way, with business performance as the main goal. At its core, Digital Ananth is a performance marketing expert; my clients experience this during their ABM projects. I always seek the balance between ‘fast’ and sustainable growth in turnover. That is why I create ABM campaigns that can be used in both the short and longer term.

Moreover, because I work in a multidisciplinary way, ABM campaigns will be realized quickly (within 3 months). I always look for close cooperation with the in-house marketers and sales staff. So that the campaigns are not only on-brand, but are also supported internally.

Running ABM can be challenging. I want to help and inspire you with expert knowledge and practical advice.

Benefits of ABM

Conversion rate is rising.
The full ROI is measurable.
Relevance of your organization increases.
Delivers consistent customer experiences.
More knowledge from the market through a targeted approach.
More efficient campaigns because marketing and sales are aligned.
Product innovation based on demand from customers and prospects.
More effective campaigns because there is no more shooting with hail.
Makes the sales pipeline measurable and you gain insight to optimize this.
Improved sales KPIs, such as quality and order value are getting better, lead time (turnaround time) is getting shorter and less pitch time is needed.


Digital Ananth is to score qualitative leads for its B2B customers through the use of digital channels and therefore has a lot of experience with Account Based Marketing.

If you would like to know more about Account Based Marketing and all the possibilities, please contact me.


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Future proof your B2B business with ABM.

Inception of ABM.

The term ‘account based marketing’ was first introduced in 2004 by the American company ITSMA. However, many companies have been using these kinds of strategies for years out of need for a more personalized marketing approach.

The biggest challenge for B2B marketers is generating high-quality leads as only 0.75% of the leads generated ultimately result in deals (Forrester). In addition, more and more people are involved in closing a deal, no fewer than 7 to 20 people (KnowledgeTree).

These decision makers (and influencers of the decision makers) do not contact suppliers until 57% of the purchase process has been completed (Corporate Executive Board). They do more online research and solicit recommendations from colleagues in the field. The great thing is: Account Based Marketing responds to all of this. In addition, more and more ABM tools have been developed for this purpose to set up scalable ABM campaigns.


Who is your ideal customer? What kind of organization is your solution or product designed for? Which of your current customers are the most profitable for your business? Identify these and then focus your efforts on these Best Fit Accounts ! Then collect contact information from the decision-makers and map this entire buying unit .

Most information can already be found online, on the company’s website or via LinkedIn. Your sales and customer service team will no doubt also have a lot of information you need to complete your research. They probably already have entry points to many of your targets, know who the decision makers are, what their pain points are, how best to reach them, and so on. They can also tell you how well certain campaigns are working or not. Then create lists and bring all your data together in one place that the whole team can access.

ABM is about
a) proactively approaching the right people at your target accounts and
b) activating these personalized contacts at the right time.
The most successful ABM programs use multiple contact channels, such as advertisements, emails, and direct mail. As a first step, map out which content and platforms you will use.

Customize content for each member of the buying unit. Constantly align with your colleagues to target the right content to the right persona. Experience shows that a lot of material is often already available internally. Think of e-books, emails, blog articles, and so on.

ABM bridges and unites the historical gap between the sales and marketing departments. To properly execute ABM and to keep both teams working towards the same goal, they both need to understand the behavior of the accounts you are approaching. For example, sales need to know who is engaging with what type of content or product pages, and which are the most popular, so they can prioritize and personalize their contact.

The first step is to define the metrics you will use. These often differ from the standard metrics that many marketers use. You decide for yourself what you want to measure, but with the following you can go a long way:

Awareness: have you been able to reach your target group? Through which channels?
Engagement: are your prospects connecting with your company? Do they read the content you provide them? Do they respond to your marketing messages?
Quality: is the targeting correct? Are you reaching the right people? Do they have decision-making power? Do they effectively follow up on agreements?
Revenue & results: can you also match all of the above with results and concrete income?

If you want to start ABM for your company? If yes,


How I help accelerate your Account-Based Strategy

ABM fundamentals

I strategize, create and optimize the foundations that will drive your ABM success: your ICP, personas, alignment and target account list.

Data challenges

I ensure that the data you collect in your HubSpot CRM is clean and reliable by cleaning and optimizing your marketing and sales process.

Performance Analysis

I identify your best pipeline & revenue sources per channel, then build a strategy to drive more of your buyers through that system.

High-intent leads

I help attract and qualify leads most likely to become customers, so your sales team doesn’t waste time on bad leads.

Content strategy

I strategize, create and optimize content campaigns that inform buyers about your value proposition, product and differentiation.

Account based paid advertising

I perform targeted account-based paid advertising via Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.

Conversion rate optimization

I help you make sure every touchpoint is super relevant, including your website.

Account based reporting

I design custom dashboards in HubSpot to track and analyze the most important metrics of your account based strategy.

ABM Support

I provide 360 degree support for all your ABM requirements, It could be consulting for strategy or Execution of your content strategy or Optimising your campaigns to perform well.

Want to know more about Account Based Marketing and how to apply it within your B2B company? Contact Digital Ananth to exchange ideas!



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