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SEO management is indispensable for the vast majority of companies if they want to get the most out of search engine optimization activities and get higher in Google.

✓ Achieve a good ranking on Google
✓ One firmly affiliated SEO specialist
✓ Can be paid in installments
✓ Monthly reporting

✓ Based on algorithms
✓ No unforeseen bills
✓ Tracking and analysis
✓ Text optimization

Therefore, you need one


Every company knows that attention to SEO is an absolute must in this day and age. It is very important to be found well in Google. As an entrepreneur you can no longer ignore the Internet and the search engines. More and more entrepreneurs are turning to the internet and having a website or webshop made. Moreover, there are entrepreneurs who focus entirely on the internet. After all, it is easy to acquire customers via the internet. However, a website alone is not enough, after all, the website must also be visited. Preferably by your intended target group. It is therefore important that the website can be found on the internet.

Google in particular plays an important role in this. If you want the website to be easy to find, it is important to delve into SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These techniques are used to make a website easier to find. There are many different SEO techniques that can make up a successful SEO campaign.

Do you want your website to be found effectively by your target audience? Then it is useful to at least be found in the most important search engine of the moment! For this you need to pay attention to SEO optimization . For a successful SEO management, you have come to the right place at DigitalAnanth.

✓ Increased traffic to your website.

✓ More exposures to potential customers.

✓ Especially good at getting new visitors.

✓ More sales and inquiries.

✓ No payment for ad dollars.

✓ 0 spend per click.

✓ Increase brand awareness.

✓ Higher position in the organic results.

✓ More organic traffic.

✓ Become #1 in your industry.

✓ Greater visibility in Google search results.


of all online activities start with a search engine.
of searchers never click past the first page of results.
of users completely ignore paid advertisements.
of mobile search traffic is generated on Google.
91,144 Google searches take place every second.

Why do you need SEO management?

Benefits of outsourcing search engine optimization.
Time saving: I understand that as an entrepreneur you are busy and that SEO sometimes falls short or is at the expense of other things.
Step ahead of the competition: search engine optimization is of great importance to stay ahead of competitors.
Results: greater chance of quick results.
Experience & expertise: to get the highest possible positions, a lot of experience and expertise is required.
Secure SEO: Google severely punishes unauthorized techniques.

From when do you outsource search engine optimization?
Many entrepreneurs wonder whether outsourcing search engine optimization is something for their company. The answer is: yes! Search engine optimization makes sense for any business, no matter how big or small your website is. For example, a correct SEO strategy for a small website can already have a huge impact when the website reaches the top of the search engine for certain keywords. Therefore, do not hesitate to outsource your search engine optimization, because this strategy has added value for every website.

Digital marriage

SEO specialist who creates profit for you

I take all the responsibility so you can concentrate on what you are best at. With me, you do not have to be proactive and grab me all the time. I have a sharply planned plan that ensures you the best result - as soon as possible.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Analysis

Before our initial dialogue, I’d have done a basic keyword analysis . After our interview, I’ll make a more thorough analysis based on insights I have gained through the interview.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Execution

Once I have had the initial dialogue, I begin the execution of the strategy. This is where I make sure to optimize both your website, your texts and ensure good links from other sites.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

3. Optimization

I continuously optimize your page, keywords and do ongoing analysis that gives me an insight into new opportunities. That way, I make sure that your competitors do not suddenly overtake you.

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

4. Reporting

I perform a monthly evaluation of the SEO efforts that you receive. In addition, I am also available for an in-depth dialogue. That way, you always agree on how it goes & be in sync.

Why do you need SEO management?

SEO works for every company, large and small, starting and very experienced. Unfortunately, there is a ‘but’ to it. After all, SEO doesn’t work when it’s done wrong. The world of Search Engine Optimization is very versatile and very complex. It is (almost) impossible to really know everything about it. A professional SEO consultant can tell you exactly what to do and what not to do when it comes to search engine optimization. Through SEO management you will learn which SEO strategy you should follow to achieve the best results. The fact is that not every SEO strategy is relevant and effective for every company. An SEO consultant can help you with everything related to on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

SEO management for on-site SEO
On-site SEO is basically everything that happens on your website itself when it comes to search engine optimization. You choose SEO management to get the website-related part of SEO in order. There’s still quite a bit to consider here. There are endless factors in the world of on-site SEO. I give you insight into 7 of these factors, where an SEO management can help you.

1. Optimizing Title Tags
Title tags are very important, but it is also very difficult to get a Title tag just right. This must be perfectly optimized for the right effect. An SEO consultant optimizes and/or realizes the Title tags.

2. Optimizing Description Tags
In addition to the Title tags, you can also find Description tags on-site and the same applies to these as for the Title tags. It is very important to shape these tags in the right way, but it is also extremely difficult. SEO management therefore also focuses on realizing the perfect Description tags.

3. All those other meta tags…
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop with the Title tags and Description tags. There are many other meta tags. Not every meta tag is important to your business. An experienced SEO consultant can advise you on the right approach to the other meta tags during the SEO management

4. Relevant content with the right keywords
Your website must be provided with the right SEO content. It is important that every piece of content offers value to the online visitor. In order to make the content easy to find, it is important to use the right keywords. You do this in a subtle way, so that it is effective, but not disturbing for the online visitor. Over-optimization can actually harm your website! SEO management also includes advice regarding your content, the keywords and the correct processing of these keywords.

5. Layout of the headers
The H1, the H2 and the H3.. You probably know them. I am talking about the headers, or the headings and subheadings that can be found on your website. It is important that the correct keywords are used here. In addition, it is important that the correct HTML tags are used. SEO management helps you on your way to get the best results from your headers.

6. The website structure
The structure of your website partly determines the results. It goes without saying that the website should be SEO friendly, but what else? The website must not contain duplicate content, must be easily searchable by search engines and the pages must use structured data to support listings. Just some examples. An experienced SEO consultant can tell you everything about the right website structure.

7. The speed of the website
The speed of a website is also very important when it comes to search engine optimization. Google will always rank fast websites above slow websites in the search results. So it is important that your web pages load quickly. Is your website slow or slower than acceptable? An experienced SEO management service provider advises you on how to reduce loading times.

SEO management for off-site SEO
SEO management is not only focused on on-site SEO, but also on off-site SEO. An experienced SEO management consultant will therefore advise you on the best off-site SEO activities. For example, the consultant can advise you on, among other things:

Link building
social media
content marketing

The benefits of hiring an SEO management consultant
Hiring an SEO management consultant provides you with several important benefits. The most important advantage is of course that you bring in a professional who has intimate knowledge of SEO and who studies your field. This is how the most effective combinations are made. You have the assurance that an SEO consultant is committed to increasing your online profits, on multiple levels, and you can trust that everything related to SEO is handled in the right way. You no longer have to puzzle in the complex world of SEO, leaving you more time to focus on your core business.

SEO management: my goals for you
When you come to me for SEO management, I will work for you to achieve multiple goals. I work towards the following objectives:

ROI optimization (recover your investment as quickly as possible)
Improve your rankings
Increase traffic
Increase the number of leads / sales
Market dominance

I go for quick results and long-lasting results. This means that I achieve success for you through ‘low hanging fruit’, or the keywords that only need a little push to get into the top 3, 5 or 10 of the Google results. In addition, for a long-term result, I build up authority for you that is (almost) impossible to overtake by your competitor.

Do you need an experienced SEO management consultant?
Are you looking for the SEO management consultant who really helps you further? Then you have come to the right place at SEO For You. I offer you SEO management of the highest order. Start requesting an SEO audit today. I perform basic and premium audits. Would you like to know more first? Please feel free to contact me.

Only the result counts with SEO Management & Migration

Search engine optimization is a means. The goal is more sales. And you achieve more sales through more visitors. The sky is the limit and good optimization works wonders. Get your success with SEO Management & Migration. Let’s Talk.


Trouble free solutions

Whether you want to launch a new website or renew the current website structure: things often go wrong in the SEO field with migrations. They often cost you positions in Google’s search results, when you worked so hard for it. To prevent this, you should already think about a good strategy before the migration. Who knows what he is doing prevents mistakes and problems. This way your ranking remains intact and visitors can continue to find you.

What is an SEO Migration?
An SEO migration is about migrating your website in such a way that the positions in the search results of Google and other search engines do not change. An important part of this is the proper redirection of old URLs to new URLs. There are different types of website migrations:

A migration from HTTP to HTTPS.
Using a new domain name.
A change in the URL structure.
A change of platform or CMS.
A content migration.

Whatever form you have to deal with, it is important that you are well prepared for the migration of your website, so that your SEO score remains intact. Good preparation is half the battle, especially with website migrations. With a clear step-by-step plan you ensure that everything runs smoothly, so that you do not lose positions in the search results and visitors.

To make an SEO migration run smoothly, I use a migration plan with 7 clear steps for every website migration. These 7 steps are:

Inventory and baseline measurement
Collect current URLs
Determine new link structure
Draw up a moving plan
Test redirects
moving website
Website monitoring and aftercare

The result of bad website migration

If you replace existing URLs with new ones and search engines don’t point the way to the new pages, they’ll find a 404 page. This message indicates that the URLs no longer exist, causing your positions and pages to drop significantly in search results.

The new pages are usually not indexed yet and in addition, your URLs have built up a certain value with Google during the time that your current pages are online.

If you do not manage the migration properly, the value of the old pages will not be passed on to the new ones. As a result, the new pages will not be able to rank as high as the old pages, because those pages had already built up a lot of value.

So you start all over again with conquering good positions in the search results. That can take a long time, which costs you a lot of visitors, conversions and turnover in that time. With an incorrect migration you see a significant impact for your online business. A drop in leads and sales is in some cases even fatal for your company.

You will not be the first company to experience significant decreases in turnover due to a faulty website migration, countless (large and also international companies) have made the same expensive mistake. Enough reason to arrange your migration down to the last detail.

Why Engage SEO Consultants for a Migration?
The migration of a website is often very underestimated. That while the risks and consequences can be very large. You cannot easily overcome the consequences of a bad migration.

To make your website migration run smoothly, it is therefore useful to enlist the help of an expert who has a lot of experience in the field of SEO migrations. This goes further than just SEO knowledge, it is important that the expert also understands the technical side. Only then can he guide the entire process.

Enable DigitalAnanth for an SEO migration
I have the knowledge and experience needed to make any website migration successful. As a link between your marketers and developers, I know exactly what needs to be done. It is not without reason that I have already carried out countless website migrations, from small (50 pages) to large (websites with more than 20,000 URLs to one platform). In this way I ensure that you do not lose any positions in the search results and that you attract at least as many visitors as before.


Sharp texts

SEO is based on analysis and data. And these are the basis for a good effort. But it is also important to be able to translate sharp numbers into good text. I know exactly how to achieve a perfect union of the two on your specific website.


I have extensive experience in helping business owners advance on Google. I know the techniques behind a good SEO effort inside and out. Therefore, you can also be sure that your website is in complete safe custody and will reach upwards on Google.

A collaboration

I believe that all good work is based on good cooperation. The same is true when it comes to creating a good SEO effort. I know that questions may arise and answer them of course. Because I know it’s nice to be with you all the way.

All industries

SEO is relevant to all industries. Definitely for yours too. I work with a wealth of different business people who work in a number of different industries. And your unique SEO efforts are in safe hands with me.


Optimizing websites for search engines can be broadly classified into three areas: 1) content , 2) link building , and 3) technology . These three components jointly determine how a website is rated by search engines. Explore the below sections to know more about my SEO services.

Website SEO Audit & Scan

In addition to an extensive SEO audit , it is also possible to perform a technical SEO audit. I specifically focus on all matters that are important for the technical SEO optimization of your website. An SEO audit can help identify any areas for improvement for your website’s search engine optimization.

Read More

SEO Planning and Strategy

Outsourcing SEO starts with a strong strategy. The right strategy is essential for search engine optimization (SEO). To be able to work in a targeted manner, you need to know which keywords the focus is on for your website.

Read More

Digital PR & Link Building

Link building is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Without qualitative and relevant backlinks (references from external websites), your website lacks the authority to rank high in Google.

Read More

SEO Management & Migration

Once the foundation is in place. You know where the points for improvement lie, where your competition is winning, but also what your strong points are. So time to get started with SEO management & migration from DigitalAnanth!

Read More

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