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I am the branding consultant for your brand.

Every brand is unique. It consists of different parts, or building blocks. Bits as we call them. This also applies to your brand. Within branding I look for answers to questions such as; what look should my brand have? What does my brand stand for? And does the current brand experience suit my company? To answer these questions, I stick to my “bit by bit” approach.

✓ Create distinctiveness.
✓ Adding value to the brand.
✓ Communicate promises.
✓ Gain trust.

✓ Build an emotional bond.
✓ Create Attention.
✓ Make the brand recognizable.
✓ Stimulate internal motivation of employees

It is better not to start branding if none of the above benefits appeal to you.

Therefore, you need one

Reinforce the expert image of your company

A brand is constantly in motion. It is advisable to review some steps within the approach. Within rebranding I zoom in further on the existing brand. I turn every building block of your brand around, to achieve a strengthened brand identity.

Do you want to put away a strong brand?
Or do you want to renew your existing brand? I would like to get in touch with you. In a non-binding conversation I discuss the wishes and possibilities. I am happy to look with creative insight into how I can give substance to your issue.

✓ Distinctive in the market.

✓ Proud Employees.

✓ Consumers give a second chance faster.

✓ Successful cross-pollinations.

✓ Greater Sales and Faster Growth.


of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support.
of consumers cite customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.
of brand recognition is increased by using a signature color.
of consumers think transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand.
64% of consumers around the world said that they would buy from a brand or boycott it solely because of its position on a social or political issue.

Your go-to Brand development partner

Visual branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. But what exactly does ‘visual branding’ mean? And how does visual branding affect your company? With branding you make a promise to the customer, as it were. This way you tell the customer what they can expect from your company, products and/or services. And also show that you are distinctive compared to your competitors. Your brand therefore provides a brief summary of who you are as a company, what you stand for and what the customer can expect from you.

Branding is about creating a strategy to build a strong brand identity. Visual branding, also known as visual identity, is about establishing guidelines that ensure consistency in the use of visual elements such as your logo, color palette and typography.

The first impression is the best
We all know that first impressions can be crucial. An important part of the branding of your brand is therefore the visual part. Potential customers will be the first to see your brand’s visual branding before discovering the rest. It is therefore important that as a brand you create a strong visual brand identity. It starts with your brand logo. A logo is a recognizable graphic symbol that identifies a company or a product. It’s a way to grab attention and differentiate your brand from the competition. Your brand or product logo is a combination of typography, color and symbols. Your logo is part of your brand’s visual identity. But in addition to a logo, also think of the website, the packaging and also the possible physical store. This together is the business card of your brand,

Digital marriage

Visual branding specialist who creates value for your business in the market

We can compare brands with people. Each individual has its own name, a different face, a varying clothing style and a unique way of communicating. If you think about it, every person is unique.

1 DigitalAnanth Analysis

1. Strategy

It starts with research: what are the brand’s mission, vision for the future and ambition? What is the market doing and who are the competitors? What does the target group want? I record the mental brand identity and determine the optimal branding strategy.

2 DigitalAnanth Execution

2. Creation

With the strategy as a basis, I explore possible design directions and the visual brand identity is designed (or restyled). The desired style in photography, typography, colours, layouts and tone-of-voice is also developed.

3 DigitalAnanth Optimization

3. Realization

All relevant resources are developed into concrete visual solutions . Texts are written, photos taken and final designs can be sent to the printer or used online. I strive for ‘optimum visual synergy’ for a strong brand.

4 DigitalAnanth Reporting

4. Orchestration

The new design style is being translated into other brand expressions. The uniformity in all online and offline communications is strictly monitored. A (brief) fire manual is made and any employees are instructed.


Together i increase your business success with Branding

Attention is scarce. Your target audience has no time and energy for details. With the right brand strategy you take a shortcut beyond their brain, and you are chosen on intuition. Let’s meet and I’ll tell you how. I can’t wait to get started together!

Discover the power of Branding!


I design service experiences your customers come back for.

I match your product portfolio and organization to the behaviors of your customers and employees to deliver memorable experiences that build differentiation, brand loyalty and long-term business value.

Multi-disciplinary skills
Decades of shared experience across disciplines allow me to adopt an integrated approach to service design challenges. Looking beyond the narrow definition of ‘service’, I combine product, service, brand, space and technology into memorable interactions between brand and customer at every stage of the relationship.

Customer-centric lens
I believe that customers hold the key to lasting competitive differentiation. Through a back-and-forth process of immersive research and rapid prototyping, I look at your organization the way your customers do and solve problems from their perspective — iterating the right ideas into service experiences that make them feel truly understood.

Spatial-Service Systems
Experience is bigger than products and services: it comes to life in the spaces it is set in. Regardless of scope or scale, we know how to create fluid environments that connect brand purpose with customer needs. From retail stores to museums and more, I match human, physical and digital elements with storytelling to create experiential spaces that exceed customer expectations and deliver commercially.

I build differentiation by exceeding customer expectations.

At Digital Ananth, I like to call myself ‘general contractor’ for all kinds of design & innovation challenges. When it comes to helping my clients to develop a business idea into a market-ready solution, I am really a one-stop shop.

Helping new ventures start up and established ones start over.

Benefits of Digital Ananth branding service

Product-Service Systems
Service is where brands meet customers and brand loyalty is built or broken. I help you capitalize on rapidly shifting customer expectations by designing moments that people remember. From a holistic understanding of the user journey, I rhyme product and service with business model to create differentiating customer experiences that are seamless, relevant and exciting across all human, digital and physical touch points.

Experience Design
I connect your brand to your customers through a choreography of interactions that come together in one seamless experience. Across touch points, the result is a service that puts the unique context of each customer at the heart of every part it consists of – driving lasting brand loyalty and differentiation.

Driven to create positive user experiences, My core competency is the mastery of the whole creative process from design ideation to industrial mass production and implementation.

Truly distinctive solutions do not just appear out of thin air. DigitalAnanth helps to convert complex challenges into smart solutions of great simplicity. For example, by thinking along about your strategy, using Visual Research or developing and testing a digital prototype step by step.

Attention to people is everything. Attention to how they think, how they act, who they are and what values ​​they adhere to. Embrace your target audience and they embrace you. DigitalAnanth helps to make your offer human, appropriate and user-friendly, in word, image and deed.

A growing organization needs flexible and scalable design solutions. So that your communication is geared to diversity in message, target group and medium from the start. DigitalAnanth creates and advises, from logo and corporate identity to campaign. From website and app to online platform. Print or digital; DigitalAnanth forges it together into one total experience.

You build strong results with a strong team. DigitalAnanth is a strategic partner in the project. Critical but curious. The right questions will take you further and make you stronger. Because ‘design’ is not only about how something looks, but also about how it works. I can easily expand this team for you with (organizational) strategists, copywriters, developers and other specialists.

Organizations that show their colors, that stand for what they do and who they are, naturally have more impact. DigitalAnanth helps organizations focus their story and get to the core. With distinct brand design. With an inventive view on communication issues. And with a remarkably simple user experience. Unusually pronounced makes unusually powerful.

In the 22 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve worked for both international organizations and bootstrapping startups. From brand identities, annual reports and brochures to websites, social platforms and apps. you name it. Not because I take everything lightly. This is because I often see a smart solution for every question. There is a logical story for every theme. An exciting shape for every project. Your target audience is always central. Because they are who you want to hit. In head and heart.


What do you stand for, who do you want to reach and what is your unique story? I map it out and give it shine to your brand. Shine baby! Digital Ananth is happy to serve branding services for your business to grow and connect with potential customers.


The largest — almost all-encompassing — circle of the design diagram is that of Branding. At Branding, the character of a brand is thought out. Which then gives direction to, among other things, all design decisions in a project.

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Identity Design

Designing a visual identity is called Identity Design. A visual identity is in fact the visual character by which you recognize a company or organization. This consists of a combination of the logo, colors, shapes, fonts, etc.

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Corporate Identity Design

The term ‘house style’ is explained in several ways. A classic definition of the term refers to ‘the products to which a company’s visual identity is applied’. Think of business cards, stationery, folders, etc. For purely designing such a visual identity I use the term Identity Design.

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Usability Design

Usability is a discipline that deals with the user-friendliness of products. And in the case of my branch of sport, it focuses specifically on the user-friendliness of websites and apps. It mainly deals with whether a website or app is easy to understand and use.

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Interaction Design

Interaction design focuses on inventing and designing the interaction between a user and a product or service. Often this is a website or app. And this discipline focuses on how a user controls and influences them.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design focuses on designing visual communication that aims to achieve a certain effect on the viewer. It is a way of visually conveying ideas. This is the oldest concept and because the term is very broad, there is a lot of overlap with other designs.

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Logo Design

When you design a logo, you are essentially designing the visual figurehead of a company. It is the point of recognition for companies and nothing is reflected in visual expressions as much as the logo. Logo design is an extremely important and defining sub-discipline of Identity Design.

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Start at the beginning. Developing a new visual identity is more than a new logo or using a different font on your website . The whole package has to be right and tell an unambiguous story. That starts with a bit of soul searching. I am happy to help you with that!



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